The Aloe Vera Plant
The Ancient Silent Healer

The powers of the aloe vera plant have long been known to mankind.  For thousands of years now people have been reaching for the treasures of nature to nourish and heal body and mind.  Many herbs and natural healing plants that we are familiar with today were a health tonic for ancient cultures, one being the miracle plant Aloe Vera.  

In Ancient Egypt the gel of the Aloe Vera Plant was referred to as the Blood of the Gods. The Egyptians did not only use it to embalm the dead.  They also swore on its healing capacity and used it to fight many diseases.  They drank pure aloe vera juice to maintain a healthy body or to fix ailments within the intestinal tract.  They also used the highly-nutritous aloe vera gel to moisturize and protect their skin. 

The Aloe Vera Plant has survived at least 6000 years providing nourishment to people from the past all the way to people of today.  Although pharmaceuticals are often our first choice when trying to treat a condition, more and more people seek for alternative health options when curing a minor or major ailment.

The popularity of alternative health options is increasing rapidly.  Thanks to ancient documentation and on-going modern scientific studies the aloe vera plant has become quite popular.  With the ever-increasing resistance to antibiotics that we face today, the awareness of aloe vera could have not come at a better time.

The Aloe Vera Plant and its effects on human health

The aloe vera plant, often referred to as silent healer or miracle healing plant,  is considered one of natures treasures so pure and unaltered, giving mankind back what poor nutrition and stress are taking away.  Its many active compounds work synergetically to offer humans and even animals a way to softly cleanse away debris, nourish, regenerate and rebuild. 

Aloe Vera contains approximately 95% liquid.  Its leafs are filled with pure aloe vera gel.  The healing properties penetrate through all seven layers of the skin exerting their healing powers, rejuvenating the skin and protecting it from further damages or foreign invaders. If you have ever had a sunburn and have applied pure aloe vera gel, you might have noticed how much faster your skin is healing.  

People are increasingly becoming aware of the effects drinking pure aloe vera juice (Barbadensis Miller only) has on their health.  Hundreds of active ingredients have demonstrated the curative effects on the human organism and even on animals.  These effects are very dynamic.  Testimonials and test results obtained from medical research studies have confirmed that external as well as internal conditions can be treated with aloe vera juice & gel successfully.  To find out where aloe vera juice & gel can be applied to improve a medical condition or to even eliminate it, visit the Miracle Healing Page.

Cleansing and Rejuvenating

The sap of the aloe vera plant contains over 200 healing components and is therefore considered a superfood.  It is one of the simplest and purest juices produced by nature to balance our digestive health. Drinking just one glass of the juice of this miracle plant everyday can make a huge difference how our digestive systems feels.  Build-up is removed from within the intestinal walls and washed out on a regular basis.  It harmonizes the intestinal flora and therefore can be a helping hand in the quest for alternative health options in balancing the digestive system.

Research Studies 

The aloe vera and its potent gel/juice have gained in popularity thanks to modern scientific studies, medical case studies and archeological findings.  Through these ancient teachings and modern discoveries it has become one of the most effective if not the most effective healing plant mother earth has given us.  It is no wonder why some people actually do refer to it as the miracle healing plant. 

Eventhough scientific studies are fairly young compared to the plant's existence, more and more researchers become fascinated with this miracle healing plant as those studies continue.  So far, science has discovered over 300 purely biological ingredients.  In addition to vitamins, minerals, trace elements, enzymes, essential amino acids, and more, they have also isolated a compound known as acemannan, sometimes referred to as the fountain of youth ingredient.  It is possible that acemannan plays a key-role in the healing success of aloe vera.

The aloe vera plant and its nutritious compounds are proving to be the alternative health treatment of choice of many health practitioners as its potential for broad-spectrum healing is endless.  Aloe Vera's advocates are pre-eminent names in science, medicine and biotechnology research.  Because of their interest and involvement, we have learned about new findings.  Here you can find aloe vera research studies.

Here is a statement from Dr. H. R. McDaniel, Pathologist and Researcher at the Dallas Forth-Worth Medical Center:  "The use of Aloe Vera will be the most important single step forward in the treatment of diseases in the history of mankind." 

Interesting fact:  It takes approximately 3-5 years for an aloe vera plant to mature. Only mature plants can provide us humans with all the healing compounds.

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