Aloe Vera and Chemotherapy

When I hear the word chemotherapy my cousins picture pops into my mind.  She was diagnosed with leukemia when she was 15 and put on a regimen of chemical and radiation therapy.  When we all came together for Thanksgiving I was shocked to see her all bloaded and without hair.  I barely recognised her.  Her doctor told her to continue the toxic regimen or she would die.  She stopped and went to a naturopath.  She wanted to fight cancer the alternative way. Over twenty years later, and she is still alive.

Chemotherapy seems for so many the only choice they have to fight cancer, a truly potent choice.  It is a drug treatment therapy designed to destroy cancer. The chemical drugs slow down and/or destroy the growth of abnormal cells. Unfortunately, it is also designed to destroy the immune system temporarily. Nevertheless, there are many suvivors of cancer due to this very toxic form of therapy.

Not every chemotherapy will end up being a successful one. No matter the outcome every single chemical and radiation therapy to fight cancer takes a heavy toll on the body. The physical side effects in most cases are severe, such as nausea, vomiting, loss of hair, body image changes, bloaded body areas, premature aging.  But people do take those side effects in consideration.  It seems like their only hope.

Chemical cancer treatment radically depletes the body of it much needed powerhouse, its nutrition.  It is nutrition that keeps the body healthy and balanced, and unfortunately this is often overlooked even by healthcare providers. 

Chemotherapy and radiation therapy create a lot of acidic residue in the body.  The ph- level of medical drugs is extremely low.  That is why a diet high in alkalines is extremely important during such therapies to balance out the ph.  It is without a doubt that chemo-therapy will create a lot of body toxins, and that is why it is so important to wash those toxins out on a continuous basis.  This can be done by following a strict alkaline diet (fruits, vegetables, and certain alkalizing dishes) and by feeding the body alkaline-based nutrition such as pure aloe vera juice along with barley grass, superbluegreen algae or even bee pollen.  Those are all highlty nutritious superfoods providing the body with the nutrition it is starving. All superfoods are loaded with minerals (alkalines) which are necessary to neutralize toxins.  To study the healing compounds of aloe vera you can visit aloe vera properties.


Aloe Vera Juice supports

chemotherapy patients

Aloe Vera juice, nutrition to fight cancer

Stabilized Aloe Vera Juice, if pure and unaltered, plays an important role in accompanying a cancer patient during chemical and radiation therapy.   Eventhough medical professionals look at you funny when you talk about the healing powers of pure aloe vera juice, there are some doctors that do put their patients on a daily regimen of pure aloe vera juice.  Several research studies have shown that it reduces the negative symptoms of chemotherapy a great deal.  There are actually medical papers that refer to patients who suffered of no side effects because they drank pure aloe vera gel during their course of chemical and radiation treatment.  They did not suffer from nausea or body image changes nor did they lose their hair.  

Not experiencing nausea or vomiting is a great help in promoting the health of these people.  It  helps them eat healthy ph-balanced foods.  Together with the aloe vera juice they can offer the body a whole lot of nutrition they otherwise wouldn’t be able to giving them a greater chance to combat cancer.  

It was also noted that aloe vera juice help speeds up the therapy.  Aloe Vera isn’t just a plant with incredible healing powers, it is also a turbo booster with no side effects. In the book "Aloe Vera, the New Millenium" Bill C. Coats, the worlds authority of aloe vera, shares a great deal of success stories, scientific findings and medical research of aloe vera and aloe vera taken alongside medications multiplying the healing effect.

Patients who consume high-quality aloe vera juice will usually recover much faster with very little to no side effects.  Several research studies have even confirmed the fact that aloe vera juice possesses the ability to fight cancer.  You can read more about aloe vera and cancer here.

Aloe Vera Juice isn’t just a juice that you drink when you are sick.  A lot of people drink it on a daily basis for the purpose of preventive health care.  A recommended dosage might be 8 ounces daily.  A study done with cancer patients referred to the daily intake of one whole liter per day.

If you are trying to fight an illness or you have to undergo chemical drugs and radiation therapy and you would like to compliment your therapy with aloe vera juice it is best to consult a health care practitioner who specializes in alternative healing options and is familiar with the use of pure aloe vera juice.

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