Fight Cancer with Pure Aloe Vera Juice

Is is possible to fight cancer with only pure ingredients?

Can you fight cancer with pure aloe vera juice?  While many of us probably don't know much about pure aloe vera and its healing powers modern research is showing us again and again what this natural healing plant is capable of doing and why it is so effective not only vitalizing the health of sick people but improving overall wellness in general.  Let's take a closer look at aloe vera in connection with cancer.

It is believed that the main reason for cancer development is damaged DNA.  Research showed that cells get damaged on a daily basis.  Fortunately, there are millions of cells that can repair the damaged cells to prevent cancer.  What can damage our DNA on the long term? Lifestyle choices, bad nutritional choices, environmental toxins, chronic stress can affect cell division and replication negatively.  But even if you live an unhealthy life doesn't mean you are going to develop cancer.  Some people can smoke all their life and never develop cancer while others inhale second-hand smoke and do develop cancer.    

Age is another risk factor for cancer but not everybody that is in their 50s develops cancer.  This again could have something to do with DNA damage as this happens over a longer period of time, years, or even decades. 

Some cancers are even caused by viruses such as cervical cancer, primary liver cancer or for instance the Kaposi sarcoma.  It is also believed that people with weakened immune systems are at risk for developing cancer.

Since there are so many reasons for cancer is it really possible to fight cancer with pure aloe vera juice? Can Aloe Vera really repair damaged DNA?

There are people who fight cancer naturally all the time.  Unfortunately, we don't hear much about their success stories.  In fact, we only hear about how deadly cancer is and how it is almost impossible to fight cancer with anything as natural as pure aloe vera juice, for instance.

Unfortunately, despite scientific evidence there are more sceptics about the healing capacity of aloe vera juice than there are believers, at least for right now.

Pure aloe vera juice is a powerful immunity enhancer, probably the most powerful mother earth has bestowed us with.  Several research studies have confirmed its strength in combating foreign invadors and fighting cancer.  

More Aloe Vera Research Studies
in Connection with Cancer

Robert E. Willner, M.D., Ph. D wrote an article that was titled „Whole Leaf Aloe Vera, The Cancer Solution“.  In his article he mentions the effectiveness of pure aloe vera juice for cleansing the colon and clearing intestinal problems.  All benefits that this healing plant claims are jusitified.

In an aloe vera and cancer research study conducted in 1976, it was determined that pure aloe vera juice contains anti-leukemic activity.  In 1982, scientists determined that the anti-cancerous compounds found in whole leaf aloe vera cause a stimulation of the scavenging white blood cells, strengthening the immune system a great deal, increasing the fighting force against foreign invadors.

Several research studies carried out by Russian scientists have given the healing capacity of pure aloe vera juice even more credibility.  In 1986, Gribel and Pashinskii had run several experiments that showed a reduction in tumor mass and the frequency of metastases after regular intake of pure aloe vera juice.

Dr. Lawrence Plaskett statet that he is nearly shocked that there aren't many medical studies with pure aloe vera juice in connection with cancer despite all the positive indications and anti-cancerous effects aloe vera has on humans.  The US Department of Agriculture has approved aloe vera to treat soft-tissue cancer in animals.  But why only in animals?  That is the question.  In Europe, aloe vera is used on cancer patients who undergo chemotherapy as it improves tissue healing from the damage done by chemotherapy.  

Father Zago

When Father Zago travelled through Brazil he had learned about a cancer-fighting all-natural drink.  He has healed many people of cancer according to his claims. He has even written an entire book about this subject.  Here you can read up on his discovery and learn about the recipe.

Aloe Vera and Chemotherapy

Not everybody feels confident enough to trust natural medicine, and that is okay.  If you do have been diagnosed with cancer and have to undergo chemotherapy you might find this page about aloe vera and chemotherapy very interesting.  Aloe Vera Juice can provide you with additional benefits during chemotherapy making your therapy much more tolerable.

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