How to Care for Aloe Vera Plants

how to care for aloe vera plants
so you have a beautifully-maturing healing plant

watering your aloe vera plant

How to care for aloe vera plants also means to understand where the aloe vera plant is native from and under which conditions it is used to thrive its best and mature to a beautiful healing plant.

The aloe vera plant is native to the Northafrican desert.  This means it prefers warm and dry conditions.  So you have to be very careful about watering it.  Overwatering will cause it to rot.  If your plant is an outside plant then you don’t need to water it.   It will get enough moisture from occasional rain and morning dew.  If you have it inside your house then you want to water it occasionally but only to moisturize the soil and not to soak it.  Wait until the soil is completely dry again before giving it some water again.

Aloe Vera plants are not made for cold climates.  Nevertheless even if you live in a warmer climate temperatures in the wintertime can sometimes fluctuate. Surround the base of the plant with basalt stones.  These stones can carry the warm temperatures of the sun for a long time and can provide the aloe vera plant some warmth even during colder days.

The right size pot

Sometimes people think that the aloe vera will do better in a bigger pot.  This is usually not the case.  If you think that the pot is too small for your plant check the roots.  Carefully remove the plant from the pot and take a look at the bottom.  Do you see a lot of roots that keep wrapping around like spaghetties.  Then it is time to replant your aloe vera into a bigger pot.  Replace your old pot with a new one that is about two inches bigger in diameter.

Fertilize or not to fertilize

I don't fertilize my plants because it really isn't necessary.  If you have an outside plant then it will most likey be surrounded by weeds just like any other plant.  Unless you have a goat that will eat the weeds in your yard, you will have to do the work yourself.  Be careful and gentle when pulling out the weeds so you don't disturb the roots of the aloe vera plant.

the right soil

How to care for aloe vera plants also means providing them with the right soil.  Aloe Vera plants are natives of Northafrica.  The climate there is hot and dry, and so is the soil.  For best results use a soil mixture of 50% soil and 50% sand.  You may even want to add a few pebbles.  This is the perfect mixture and encourages drainage so the plant never sits in a pot of water.  Make sure your plant can drain the water by using a pot with a hole at the bottom.


Sunlight is important for you aloe vera plant.  If you plant is an outside plant make sure it doesn't sit in a shady spot.  It should get at least 6 hours of sunlight.  If your plant is an indoor plant provide it with a spot where it will get at least 6 hours of indirect sunlight.  If you put the plant in direct sunlight the leafs can turn brown.  If that happens find another place for your aloe vera.

replanting and growing aloe vera plants

How to care for aloe vera plants also means learning how to replant offsprings.  Learn how to grow and cultivate your own aloe vera plant.

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