Lose stubborn body fat

What to consider if you want to lose stubborn body fat.

  • Start your journey with a body cleanse
  • Consider some form of exercise
  • Supplement with wholesome nutrition
  • Know what to and what not to eat
  • Learn a magic trick to keep the metabolism going to burn those last few stubborn pounds.

start with a Body Cleanse

For the purpose of kickstarting a weightloss program in an effort of losing stubborn body fat, I have included this body cleanse as I have received good feed-back from this 9-day fast cleanse. I have done it myself as well.  The outcome was that I felt lighter and more energetic afterwards and that just in 9 days. Its major ingredient is aloe vera juice.  The multi vitamin and minerals are included in form of a health shake.  Instead of mixing the powder with milk, I recommend using almond milk.  Almond milk is healthier and doesn't create much residue in the body as milk would.

The reason why I prefer to start a weightloss program with a body cleanse:  Its much more effective.  You have a cleaner body and one that responds much more offectively.

You can purchase all nutritional support for the detox and the weight-loss here.

I recommend this product box because it contains everything you need for the first nine days.  The only thing you have to buy additionally is either the milk or the almond milk.

After your body cleanse

Once you are done with the 9 days of detox, you need to continue with a multivitamin and mineral.  

Take twice daily., one tablet in the morning, the other one towards the evening. Forever Daily contains all important and necessary vitamins and minerals derived from fruit and vegetables.

Take one in the afternoon and two before bedtime.  The bottle says to take six.  You don't need six if you take the forever daily.

During weightloss, additional minerals are important.


  1. Aloe Vera Juice, one small glass per day (one bottle will last for ten days).  Softly removes excessive debris on a continuous basis
  2. Omega 3 capsules, 2-4 per day. (will last about two months) reduces the inflammatory process in the body.
  3. Probiotics, one per day(will last 30 days).  Increases good bacteria to fight off foreign invadors and to keep your digestive tract healthy.

How to lose stubborn body fat

In an effort to reach your healthy body weight and to lose stubborn body fat, you should consider the following points:

  • include vitamins and minerals daily.  They are necessary for important metabolic processes.  I have mentioned my preference up above. The vitamins and minerals are derived from fruits and veggies.  You can opt for another brand if you like.  Make sure they are as natural as you can get it
  • exercise three times per week.  Switch your exercises. Opt in other forms of exercise.  Keep active to help your lymphatic system get rid of toxins which often prefer to nestle themselfs in fatty tissue.
  • Drink plenty of still water.  Consider 0.035 dl per kg in body weight.  Drink more if you are out in the sun or during and after exercise.
  • avoid sugar, alcohol, processed food, and anything containing flour.
  • drink one to two cups of green tea per day, consider alkaline cooking to help your digestive tract to stay clean and to speed up weight-loss.
  • dedicate three days per week as your low-calorie days (1200).  The other four days switch to 2000-2200 calories. I prefer my low calorie days to be Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Try to eat healthy, alkaline-friendly food.  Your body will love it.  Your skin and hair will show it.  Its the best anti-aging secret, by the way. Keepdoing this until you have burned that last stubborn fat.  This is the easiest way to lose stubborn body fat.  Why does this work?  Because your metabolism can't program itself and gets confused.  When it thinks its high-calorie day, it is actually low-calorie day and it burns a lot more energy that it would normally.  Your weight will drop a lot easier and your fat will burn a lot faster.  This is completely healthy.  All you need to do is always take your nutritional supplements, drink plenty of water, exercise and eat healthy.

How to avoid the yo-yo effect after you have reached your healthy weight.

Since this is not a diet but an approach to change eating habits, I recommend practicing alkaline cooking as often as you can.  Implementing a pasta dish or a piece of cake once in a while is ok as long as your ph level stays balanced.

Keep your designated three days except that you can up your calorie intake a bit.  Exercise as you did before.  On the other four days you can up your calories a bit too.  Important factor is that there is still a difference between the days so your metabolism doesn't get accustomed to the same calorie intake everyday and go into lazy mode.  This way, you can occassionally eat a cake or some pasta but you will not gain the weight back because your metabolism will be very active.

Important is that you keep taking your nutritional support such as multivitamins and minerals, probiotics and omega 3.  

Professional Support free of charge

If you are ready to start this journey of becoming lean and healthy, I will accompany you by offering you my holistic healthcare service free of charge.  Once you have purchased the few products I have outlined here on this page, I will contact you to help you get started.

My program has helped many people already lose weight and keep it off.  I am sure it can help you too.

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