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All about miracle plant aloe vera:  That is the focus of this webpage.

My name is Silvia and I am a Holistic Healthcare Counselor and Massage Therapist. I have dedicated many hours of sharing my knowledge about the aloe vera plant combining it with my knowledge of healing. The body is a whole unit, therefore we should treat the entire body and not just the symptom.

How my path about Miracle Plant Aloe Vera began

In 2009 one of my regular massage clients had booked his regular trigger point therapy.  As I massaged his hands I had noticed a decrease in the calcifications of his ligaments.  He told me that he had been drinking pure aloe vera juice for the last couple of weeks. I knew that the Egyptians believed in the plant and its healing capacity, and that pure aloe vera gel is the best remedy against sunburn.  But that is all I knew.  So, I decided to learn more about it.

I researched day and night, just couldn’t stop thinking about miracle plant aloe vera.  Then I decided to put it to the test on myself, my husband, my children and friends.  I wanted to collect my own testimonials before sharing the information with the general public.  I purchased high-quality pure aloe vera juice.   I have to admit, I was a bit sceptic at first but not for long. The results were amazing.  But what convinced me the most  was the success my husband had with his knee arthritis within only two weeks.  You can read his success story here. 

Once I witnessed his dramatic improvements, I decided to study the benefits of pure aloe vera juice and aloe vera gel in detail, especially its healing success in conjunction with other diseases and ailments.  The more I learned and the more medical research studies I read, I became more certain that aloe vera juice was the one miracle healing plant that could make up for that missing link in people’s general state of health, creating balance internally as well as externally.  But not only that, after reading plenty of research studies I learned that aloe vera isn't only a great healing help on its own but it also acts as a catalyst turbo-boosting the healing action of other healing herbs.  It a simple healing juice that can be easily combined with other herbs to increase the healing capacity.  

Because the lack of nutrition in our diet today is a big concern, and that in conjunction with an overload of body toxins trapped within our body a cause for so many chronic illnesses I decided to study ph nutrition and the effect cleansing will have on our health.  Once again I put this to the test myself.  The majority of the food I ate was high in alkaline.  I drank aloe vera juice in the morning and I took an additional supplement product before breakfast lunch and dinner.  I never felt so complete.  I wasn't tired.  I never had headaches anymore and my skin tone improved.  I also did not have cravings as I did before.

My webpage has encouraged me to continue my research about miracle plant aloe vera and its effects it has in combination with other health measures.  Because I have been truly fascinated through my own personal success and the success of clients, plus the outcome of different medical research studies I decided to write about this wonderful healing plant and what the juices and the gel of this desert lily are capable of doing for us humans, especially now in this critical time of nutrition depletion and commercial farming and the fast-food way of life.

I know that aloe vera makes the perfect companion to health and vitality. I wrote this page with all my dedication and love for natural healing, and it is my wish that I can help as many people as possible with this information.  All the information about miracle plant aloe vera, ancient knowledge, modern research, testimonials, etc are all true findings. 

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