How Acemannan affects our health
A polysaccharide with incredible healing benefits

Acemannan, one of the compounds found in pure aloe vera juice, is a long-chained sugar molecule (polysaccharide).  This sugar molecule is believed to be one of the key ingredients working synergistically with all the other natural compounds making aloe vera the queen of all natural healing plants.  It is believed that it is this polysaccharide that offers aloe vera so much healing power and why this desert lily is so effective in treating and healing many conditions and even serious diseases.

Did you know that the human body produces Acemannan until puberty?  After puberty its production stops and we have to figure another way to give our body this important long-chained sugar molecule. Most people don't worry about finding an alternative way to get this powerful polysaccharide into their diet because they simply don't know about it and what important role it plays in our health and in our constant quest to slow down aging.

Aloe Vera Juice naturally contains this polysaccharide.  Drinking one glass of pure aloe vera juice, adjusting our diets and lifestyle habits and we are on the right track reversing the signs of aging.  It won't happen over night of course because you did not get the obvious signs of premature aging over night as well. With a little committment and patience we can achieve balance in every aspect of our health.

an extremely powerful immune system booster

Acemannan manifests itself within the cell membranes of the entire body strengthening our immune system to fight off parasites, viruses and bacteria.  It is the basis of all connective tissue cells, including vessels, tendons, joints, ligaments and even our bones.  It lubricates our joints and can prevent arthritis, or reduce its symptoms significantly.  

Its antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal properties may help control Candida overgrowth and restore the natural bacterial flora of the digestive system.  This is particularly important because the intestine, our biggest immune system organ, isn't working optimally in almost all people.  

A slugghish digestive system comes with a long list of possible problems and can limit immune system functions. So, this polysaccharide is also responsible for stimulating  mobility of the digestive system and assisting the transport of allergenic foreign protein into the colon.

This sugar molecule also has a direct effect on the immune system cells.  It activates and stimulates macrophages, monocytes, antibodies and killer T cells, which are all responsible for the destruction of and defense against foreign substances.  Laboratory tests showed that acemannan acts as a bridge between foreign protein and macrophages, facilitating the reduction of foreign proteins with the help of phagocytes.  This bridging is the key component of immune strengthening of the cell nucleus, as for example in HIV infection as insufficient defenses are present in the cell's interior.  AIDS clinical trials showed that treatments with pure aloe vera juice had a positive impact on patients.  Their fever dropped, night sweats could be stopped, infections and shortness of breath decreased, diarrhea stopped, even the size of lymph nodes were reduced.  Unlike other methods in this treatment no adverse side effects were noted.  A hiv aids study in connection with aloe vera juice can be read here.

This polysaccharide found in pure aloe vera juice also protects the bone marrow from damage through chemical poisons and drugs.  Since it reaches all cell membranes, it produces powerful immune strengthening.  The end result is increased detoxification, improved nutrition absorption.  The improved metabolism affects the entire body and has a tremendous energizing effect.

Slow Down Premature Aging

Acemannan plays an important role in the quest against premature aging. Aging is normal.  We all will develop wrinkles, grey hair and certain aches and pains.  It is the process of aging.  There are certain contributors that cause us to age faster than we should.  

Modern science has found out that our aging process is determined by our genes by only about 20-30%. So the remaining part  is determined by our lifestyle, our diet and nutritional choices.  It was also determined that premature aging is due to body toxin build-up.  These body toxins are accumulated over the years through stress, an acidic diet, nicotine, alcohol, environmental toxins, just to name a few, with an over-acidic diet probably being the main cause.  

Aloe vera  and joint health

One of the areas where this polysaccharide is thought to make another big difference is in the health of the joints.  Aloe Vera Juice increases joint lubrication and decreases acidic accumulation around joints. Adding Aloe Vera Juice to your diet will continously keep your joints lubricated giving your body a small dosage of naturally-occuring acemannan.  Of course you have to drink the recommended dosage to achieve results.

Aloe Vera Juice is believed to be the only vegetarian source of Acemannan.  The Green Lipped Mussel also contains this polysaccharide, and there has been some positive write-up about this Mussel.  

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