Do I have acidosis?

How do I know whether i have acidosis or not?

Acidosis is the general term when the body's ph level is chronically acidic.  How does it become acidic though?  Unfortunately, it is very common to have an acidic ph level.  Probably 80% of the Western Worlds's population lead towards having an acidic overload.  The reasons can be bad dietary choices, too much alcohol and nicotine, chemically enhanced skin and hair products, and most of all stress, including sadness, sorrow, worries.

All these create a chemical imbalance (ph-imbalance) in the body.  This means that too many toxins are now within our body.  Since our organs become overloaded and can't get rid of them effectively, these toxins stay in the body and create build-up.  This slows down our entire body but especially the immune system.  

In 1933, Dr. William Howard Hay published a book.  With this book he was trying to teach people that disease was caused by self-poisoning, a condition also known as acidosis. The waste produced from food and drinks, environmental toxins, chemical-loaden skincare products, nicotin, alcohol, medicines, lack of exercise and too much stress are all contributing to rapid aging.  As we accumulate too much waste which cannot all be excreted, it attaches itself to muscles, blood vessels, intestinal tract, etc.  The human body cannot absorb sufficient amounts of oxygen and nutrition, and the cells start to decline its reproduction.

Unfortunately, acidosis is a common condition and most people have never even heard of it.  At last if you suffer from chronic fatique, for instance, your doctor probably won't tell you that you have an acidic overlaod and you should check your ph and consider a body cleanse.   Doctors usually fight the symptom and not the cause.  And since acidosis can be the cause of so many ailments becoming aware of your health would be the first step in the right direction.

Ph Balance the key to body balance

A ph-balanced body contains enough alkalines (minerals)  necessary for the neutralization process (a life-important metabolic process) that takes place in the body on a continuous basis.  Without the proper amount of alkalines, the body depletes its own mineral reserve from bones, scalp, veins, etc.  You can imagine what a debilitating effect that can have on our long-term health. Finding a good mineral source is your fist step in balancing your ph level.

Eliminate excessive waste

In addition to a good combination of minerals, consider foods that are loaded with nutrition or consider a healthy supplement.  One of the best natural sources that removes toxins and mood- and health-alternating heavy metals is a natural crystal called Zeolith.  It has the ability to pull these toxins out of the tissues, bind them and flush them out.  Furthermore, it acts as a viral fusion inhibitor and improves the immune system dramatically.  

This is the best Zeolith I have found:  Zeolith AV

Zeolith should be taken first thing in the morning with a large glass of water.  

To help further remove build-up and rebuild your body, there is Pure Aloe Vera Juice:  In addition to providing your body with nutrition, pure aloe vera juice also contains acemannan, a healing compound not found in any other vegetarion source on earth.  Drinking one eight-ounce glass of pure aloe vera juice before breakfast will vitalize your body and give your liver an additional kick in releasing toxins.  

A body detox to reset your body's ability to heal itself

A body detox will help you get rid of accumulated acidic waste.  It will increase your health and will even help you lose weight, if that has been an issue for you in the past.  Body cleanses are an old ritual that are ancestors of the ancient past have already practiced.  Fortunately, there are easier methods nowadays thanks to scientific research that allows us to eat during cleanses as long as we eat the right thing.

There are many different ways to cleanse your body.  Anything to fast and too aggressive usually creates more toxins.  Remember, it took months or years to accumulate all these toxins, so don't expect to get rid of them overnight.  

Consider a gentle body cleanse.  This means implementing lots of fruits and vegetables into your diet and avoiding sugars, flour and excessive meat.  Drinking plenty of still water and herbal teas.

Reduce Acidosis by Reducing your Stress

Reduce your stress is another key ingredient to lowering your acidosis.  Nothing acts as aggressively as stress.  There are a long list of stress-reducing techniques.  Find one that works for you and practice it regularly.  Here are some stress-reducing ideas:

  • Massages
  • Yoga
  • Fitness as long as it doesn't create more stress or acidic accumulation
  • Meditation
  • Deep Breathing Exercises
  • Healing Code
  • Herbal teas
  • Relaxing baths

If you are suffering from stress and its agitating symptoms on a regular basis, you should also look at your diet one more time.  Are you getting enough stress-fighting vitamins (especially b-vitamins)? 

In order to fight acidic build-up most effectively there are a couple additional routines that can offer your body some extra help.  

Jumping on a mini trampoline only 5 minutes twice a day will activate your lymphatic system and helps you remove toxic build-up. 

Visiting a sauna will be another excellent source of detox.  The heat will open up the pores and the cold will shut the pores again.  This is also referred to vasodilation and vasoconstriction.  Repeating this process will stimulate the process of releasing toxins through the pores.

Don't forget to drink plenty of water after any activity to flush those toxins out completely.

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