Alternative healing with aloe vera juice

Aloe vera juice, unaltered and pure, has become one of the most popular alternative healing juices to combat ailments.  It isn't modern civilization that discovered the health benefits of drinking pure aloe vera drink gel.  In ancient egypt the gel found within the aloe vera plant was taken to improve digestive functions and to decrease symptoms of conditions associated with the digestive system.  

Today aloe vera is considered a full-spectrum nutritional product, an actual superfood, contributing to our health and vitality.  The valuable ingredients can not only prevent health problems but reduce or sometimes even cure existing ones.   Even some medical practitioniers have incorporate the aloe vera drink gel as part of a healing regimen.

Supplementing our diets with pure aloe vera drink gel can aid in compensating our nutritional deficit.  Our diets often contain only small amounts of nutrients.  So even if we eat a balanced meal, we still lack important nutrients.  

Often people ask how much aloe vera juice they should drink to fill their nutritional gap.  That isn't always that easy to answer.  It all depends what type of lifestyle you practice.  The more sugar and white flour, medicines, alcohol you consume, the more nutrients you need for the metabolization process.

A full glass of aloe vera drink gel will gently scrub the soft layer of your intestinal lining while providing it with some nutrition.  The cleaner your intestinal tract, the better your nutrition absorption.  If you practice a very healthy diet which produces the least amount of acidic build-up, then drinking a glass of aloe vera juice daily ( 8 oz or 2.5 dl) would be enough.  If you do consume sugar and white flour, sodapops, lots of meat, then you should consider supplementing with additional vitamins and minerals.

Fruits and Vegetables don't contain all the nutrients anymore that we need

In 1996, A Swiss pharmaceutical company Geigy published a study that showed the loss of nutrients in our food  using a time span from 1985 to 1996.  Just imagine what the nutrient content could be today. 

  • Broccoli had 68% less calcium
  • Potatoes had 33% less calcium and 70% less magnesium
  • Carrots had 57% less calcium and 17% less magnesium
  • Spinach had 68% less magnesium and 58% less vitamin C
  • Strawberries had 14% less calcium and 67% less vitamin C
  • Apples had 80% less vitamin C

It certainly won’t look better today, probably even worse due to the depletion of our soil and the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides.  All these chemicals do the job of keeping worms and bugs away.  For that reason the fruit and vegetables don't have to protect themselves anymore getting stronger and building antioxidants.

This shows that our health is at risk solely by the normal consumption of commercial food. Unless we eat healthy and supplement with a high-quality nutritional superfood, we probably suffer from malnutrition. Terrible news, right?  It is not too late to do something about it unless we wait for others to do something for you.

Here is where the sap of the Aloe Vera plant comes into play as a most needed superfood and alternative healing option. Thanks to its broad spectrum of nutrition, pure aloe vera juice assists us in balancing nutritional deficits in a natural alternative healing way. The aloe plant heals, prevents  and restores our health making it a truly desirable nutritional Superfood.

Aloe Vera Juice strengthens the immune system

The amazing aloe vera plant is a true elixir of life detoxifying, purifying and stabilizing our body.  The ingredients enable a cell-regenerating impulse that revitalizes our entire body from the inside to the outside.  Pure Aloe Vera Drink Gel has  been proven to balance the intestinal flora. The purifying and stabilizing properties unfold in the digestive tract.  Those properties even act as a natural antibiotic against parasites, bacteria and viruses.

The effect aloe vera has on our skin as well as on our internal well-being can be described as soothing, healing and uplifting in equal measure. Even if you eat healthy you can not be absolutely sure that your body is always getting an adequate supply of all essential nutrients.  Using Aloe Vera Juice as a dietary supplement can make a valuable contribution to your health.

For Aloe Vera Juice to be an effective alternative healing aid it has to be pure, and the sap of the aloe vera has to be the main ingredient, at least 90% to be effective.  To achieve certain health-improving results, a pure aloe vera drink that meets the requirements of the international aloe council is of high importance.  Aloe Vera Drink Gel can be taken daily for nutritional support and improved digestive functions including the continuous elimination of excessive toxins.  It is also the perfect ingredient during a gentle body detox.  It goes well with other alkaline-based nutritional supplements giving the body power to rejuvenate.

But even during times when our health has fallen out of balance aloe vera juice taken in larger dosages can rid our body of unwanted foreign invadors much faster and more effectively.  

Furthermore, aloe juice is completely safe to be taken with other herbs or nutritional supplements. Since the juice acts as a natural turbo charger it increases the healing potential when combined with other nutritional supplements.  

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