Favorite Aloe Vera Products

When I first wrote "Favorite Aloe Vera Products" I hadn't learned yet the powerboost aloe vera gives other healing herbs or nutritional supplements.

In the meantime I had read books with medical research data giving proof to the success of aloe vera alone but furthermore increasing its healing effects significantly by combining it with specific nutritional supplements or healing herbs that are intended to benefit a certain condition.  Taking healing herbs along with pure aloe vera juice will speed up the delivery to its destination allowing your body to take full advantage of its healing potential.  

Keep in mind  it does take the cell at least three months to reprogramm itself.  Taking a product for a short period of time will most often not have a great effect.  At last you did not get sick overnight, so you won't get healthy overnight as well.  

Aloe Vera Products & Nutritional supplements
that HELPED OTHERS make a difference

The primary ingredient in my favorite Aloe Vera Juice is pure aloe vera gel from the center of the leaf.  It is considered a superfood as it provides the body with wholesome nutrition. It also makes a companion during a gentle body detox as it facilitates the removal of old build-up in addition to preventing excessive new build-up. Furthermore, it cleanses build-up around joints improving the flexibility.  The benefit list is almost endless.  

If you take forever active HA along with aloe vera juice you have a wonderful duo to help decrease the symptoms of arthritis.  Active HA is a low molecular weight hyaluronic acid providing lubrication for the joints and skin.   You take one capsule before lunch and one before dinner along with regular intake of pure aloe vera juice. You can read a study about it here.

Ginkgo has been shown to increase circulation of blood to the brain, making it a remarkable brain tonic.  It is an energy booster, elevating mood and increasing concentration and alertness.  It has also shown to stimulate metabolic function. Plus it contains anti-histiamine compounds helping clam down allergies in the springtime.

Bee Pollen is another miracle food with amazing benefits increasing energy and stamina, significantly reducing seasonal allergy symptoms, normalizing blood serum cholesterol.  Bee Pollen also inhibits the development of numerous harmful bacteria as it contains antibiotic factors.  Bee Pollen is also considered a superfood providing humans with all essential nutrition.  

Argi+ contains the amino acid l-arginine which converts to nitric oxide in the body.  Nitric oxide relaxes and opens up blood vessels.   It is one of the most effective nutritional supplements promoting a healthy heart.  It has also been very effective to counteract the symptoms of erectile dysfunction.  As l-arginine also promotes healthy muscle growth including fat and glucose metabolism, athletes use it as it gives them energy and promoting lean muscle growth

Aloe propolis creme is one of my favorite natural skin care products.  Its main ingredients being aloe vera gel and bee propolis along with chamomile provide your face with moisture and protection.  I love this creme because it is thick but is well-absorbed.  It is very rejuvenating making my skin look younger, softer and more beautiful.  I also use it on my body when needed.  Put it on top of aloe vera gelly and you have even more stunning results.

This is one of the natural skin care products I probably use the most: stabilized aloe gel straight from the leaf.  I apply it on my face giving me an immediate youthful glow. Aloe Vera Gelly is probably one of the aloe vera products I can't imagine being without. I have used it on my son’s sunburn.  I put in on rashes.  Some men like to use it as an aftershave as it calms down the skin.  I have also given it to my husband in combination with pure aloe vera juice to heal an eczema flair-up on his foot.

Aloe Activator is one of the aloe vera products that can be used as a cleanser and rejuvenator or it can be mixed with the mask powder  making it an absolutely incredible mask with an unmistakable lifting effect.  And in between masks you can cleanse the face with the activator and then follow up with aloe vera gelly.  This gives you a rejuvenating glow. This combination also works great for people who suffer from acne.

Bright Tooth Gelly is one of the aloe vera products enhancing your oral care.  It is the toothpaste I can't be without anymore.  It doesn't contain any harmful ingredients but cleans and protects the teeth as well as any other commercial toothpaste.  As a matter of fact, brushing teeth with Bright Tooth Gelly even helps relieve irritation or sores within your mouth.

Aloe Ever Shield will protect you all day.  It doesn't contain any aluminum or other chemicals, doesn't plog the pores.  Since you don't plog the pores the skin can breathe and bacteria won't build.  End result, no smelly underarms.  If you switch to Aloe Ever Shield it takes the skin a few more days to get used to it.  Works even better if combined with pure aloe vera juice.  By the way, this is a long-lasting deodorant stick (4-5 months).

Since I understand that different people have different needs I have listed a few more pages below with more nutritonal supplements and healing herbs that go well with aloe vera juice and of course a page for those that are interested in face and body care.

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