Aloe Vera Research Studies

Aloe Vera Research Studies
for the Alternative Healing Community

Aloe Vera Research Studies are being conducted on an on-going basis.  As more and more people are looking for answers in nature aloe vera has become one of the most promising healing plants on earth today.  These research studies are proof that alternative healing methods can work.  

Aloe Vera isn't a medicinal drug.  Don't expect miracles over night.  How fast you can heal all depends on your overall state of health and the quality of aloe vera.  

As mentioned below under catalytic powers you will find out that pure aloe vera also works well in turbo boosting other nutrients, bringing more nutrition and healing components to its intended destination at super speeds.

Research studies done with pure aloe vera juice & gel

Aloe Vera Juice called the slow healer.  Its very effective in slowly removing build-up allowing the body heal on different levels.

  • Alzheimer Disease:  Australian scientists conducting Alzheimer research studies have identified a toxin which they claim plays a key role in the onset of Alzheimer disease.  It is called quinolinic acid slowly killing one nerve cell after the other.   While quinolinic acid does kill nerve cells they are not certain whether it is the cause of Alzheimer disease. The Alzheimer’s research team from Sydney’s St vincent’s hopsital, the University of Sydney and Japan’s Hokkaido University found quinolinic acid in the brains of patients suffering from dementia and other brain disorders.  Read more about Alzheimer....
  • Anti-Aging:  An Aloe Vera Research Study, conducted in 1984 by a former Physiology professor and director of the Research Laboratory at the University of Texas, confirmed an increased production of fibroblasts from six to eight times compared to the normal cell renewal rhythm.  Fibroblasts are producers of collagen and the main protein carrier of the skin.  The aging of our skin and the formation of wrinkles depends greatly on the activity of these cells.  Dr. Danhof also confirmed that pure aloe vera gel retains moisture and passes through all seven layers of our skin three to four times faster than water.  Read more about aloe vera and anti aging.
  • Aloe Vera Research & Cancer:  During a research study it was determined that an acidic environment lacking oxygen feeds fungus, bacteria, viruses and disease.  Dr. Otto Warburg has been credited with his discovery that cancer cells can't survive in an oxygenated environment.  Eating an abundance of alkaline foods oxygenates every single cell promoting super vitality and youngevity into old age.  Read more about cancer research with aloe vera here.
  • Catalytic Powers:  There have been several research studies conducted with patients suffering of different ailments.  One study combined pure aloe vera juice with aspirin.  It was noted that heart patients were able to lower their dosages of aspirin as aloe vera delivered the aspirin to its destination where needed at an incredible speed.  This meant that innocent bystander (other organs) weren't affected nearly as much by the drug as if taken without aloe vera. 
  • Chemotherapy:  Pure Aloe Vera Juice supports chemotherapy treatments in a very positive way. While pure aloe vera strengthens their immune system it also reduces the harsh symptoms of chemotherapy. Learn more about aloe vera and chemotherapy...
  • Diabetes:  The medicinal uses of pure aloe vera was also put to test on patients suffering from diabetes.  During an aloe vera research study testing the effects of aloe vera juice on patients suffering from diabetes, 3200 patients were invited for the study. Half of the patients received pure aloe vera juice daily while the others were treated conventionally.  Those patients who were given pure aloe vera had obtained normal glucose levels two months into the study.  Whether this study was done on diabetes type I or type II wasn’t specified. More about aloe vera and diabetes.
  • Gastrointestinal Disorders:  Dr. Bland conducted a study on the effects pure aloe vera juice has on the digestive system.  Those results were published in Preventive Medicine in April 1985.  During a course of 7 days, patients were administered 6 ounces of pure aloe vera juice daily.  The results of only one week of trials indicated a reduction in indican levels by 40%.  Read more about clinical studies involving aloe vera juice and digestive disorders.
  • HIV & Aids:  In 1985, Dr. Bill Mc Anally isolated one from the the aloe vera barbadensis Miller derived polysaccharides, which he called Carrysin while at the same time Canadian researchers located an active molecule with remarkable antiviral properties.  This molecule is known as acemannan.  Conducted tests showed that Carrysin strengthened the immune system of AIDS patients and destroyed the HIV virus permanently.  Several other aloe vera research studies confirmed this discovery, especially the study conducted by Dr. Mc Daniel.  He stated that according to his studies, Carrysin neutralizes the AIDS virus by changing its outer protein shell and thereby stopping it from attacking the T4 cells.  The Carrington Laboratories received approval from the FDA to further test Carrysin on people - an attempt that according to the latest messages - is achieving encouraging results.  Read about a hiv aids medical study here.
  • Osteoarthritis:  The healing properties of pure aloe vera gel have long been known to mankind. Modern technology has allowed us to analyze its components further.  One very interesting polysaccharide, known as acemannan, is considered the miracle ingredient, at least when it comes to joint health, skin & tissue rejuvenation.  It was discovered that the human body produces acemannan until the end of puberty. After puberty its production stops and the aging process starts.  Does this mean that pure aloe vera could stop the aging process?  Well, we know that it slows down the aging process dramatically.  It has a very stimulating effect on the immune system, fighting off bacteria, viruses, parasites, reducing inflammation and repairing tissue and cartilage, keeping synovial fluid in tact, therefore protecing the joints.  Read about a study done with a hockey player who had opted for knee replacement surgery.
  • Pain Relief:  Funita discovered that the enzyme Bradykinase, found in pure aloe vera gel, had a remarkable analgesic as well as soothing and healing effect on the body.
  • Peptic Ulcer Disease:  In the early 60ies, Dr. Blitz had conducted medical research studies with 12 patients that had suffered from peptic ulcer disease.   All of them showed proof of duodenal cap lesions.   They were given daily dosages of pure aloe vera gel and no other supplement or medication.   All 12 patients had recovered from peptic ulcer completely.   Aloe Vera Gel had provided complete recovery and that even one year afterwards.  Unfortunately, the dosage and duration of the trial are unknown.  Still, fact is that it did improve the digestive disorder in all patients and is reason enough to give aloe vera gel deeper meaning than just being the typical sunburn ointment.
  • Seasonal Allergies:  Aloe Vera has shown to help in reducing seasonal allergies if taken on a regular basis combined with a cleansing diet.  Bee Pollen on the other hand if taken alone can reduce allergies gradually, from year to year.  Taken with aloe vera it strengthens the effect. To test the effects of bee pollen and aloe vera I asked one of my family members suffering of seasonal allergies to become my test person.  You can read about the positive outcome.
  • Toenail Fungus:  I couldn't find any official medical research studies conducted on patients who had toenail fungus.  I did conduct my own Aloe Vera research study with a client of mine who had toenail fungus.  You can read about the procedure of the research here....

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