Aloe Vera Shampoo recipe

A simple aloe vera shampoo recipe

Not every aloe vera shampoo recipe offered online will meet the needs and demands of your hair and scalp.  While some of us have fine hair, others have curly and dry hair.  Sometimes it takes a very long time until you actually have found the shampoo that best compliments the health and look of your hair and scalp.

If you would like to try making your own shampoo from scratch with high-quality ingredients that won't dry out your hair or give it a dull and unhealthy look and feel, then you might like the shampoo recipe below.  It will balance the health of your hair and scalp without clogging pores. As a matter of fact it will encourage the natural detoxification process that takes place in your body on a continuous basis. The best part about a home-made shampoo is the fact that you know exactly what is inside your shampoo and how each ingredient will benefit your hair and scalp.

An overload of acidic waste collected within our body including commercial hair care products all contribute to unhealthy-looking hair.  A body cleanse could already make a difference the way your hair and scalp look and feel. If you add the perfect shampoo to that you will have incredibly healthy and beautiful hair.

My Aloe Vera Shampoo Recipe

  • 80 ml Castile soap
  • 60 ml Coconut milk
  • 1 tsp almond oil
  • a few drops of jojoba oil or avocado oil
  • 2 tsps pure Aloe Vera Gel

Before creating your own aloe vera shampoo, get a small glass jar or bottle so you can store your shampoo.  You should keep your shampoo in the refrigerator so it doesn’t spoil since it doesn’t contain any preservatives.

This aloe vera shampoo recipe will promote detoxification of scalp and hair.  This could at first dry out your hair or even cause it to be more greasy.  If that doesn't improve after a while, you may just adjust the essential oils accordingly.  If your hair is dry you probably want to add a bit more oil or coconut milk/oil.  It it seems too greasy you just reduce some of the oils.

Warm up the coconut milk in a non-aluminum pot without getting it too hot.  Remove from heat and slowly pour in your castile soap mixing slowly with the coconut milk.  Now, add the almond oil plus a few drops of jojoba oil or avocado oil (around 10-15 drops).  Add the aloe vera gel at the very end.  Mix all ingredients well and pour into glass bottle or jar.

Castile soap is a very natural soap but shouldn’t be used just on its own.  It needs to be diluted with other natural ingredients for best results.  Coconut milk softens coarse hair and makes it more manageable.  It promotes healthy hair growth and conditions the hair.  Almond oil has a nice scent and balances moisture.  Jojoba Oil, a liquid wax, adds moisture to people with dry hair.  Avocado oil removes residue from hair care products and adds moisture and shine.  Aloe Vera removes build up without drying out the hair.  It moisturizes and nourishes scalp and hair.

What if your hair turns dry or oily
with the use of this of this aloe vera shampoo recipe?

Some people who have tried out this recipe have said that their hair was dry, others claimed it became oily.  Sometimes using natural home-made shampoos ignites a detoxifying effect causing your hair to be oilier or dryer.  But this should subside after a few washings.  If you still seem to deal with dry or oily hair then you probably have to play with the ingredients a bit.

If you are dealing with dry hair add a few drops of jojoba oil to the entire shampoo mixture and then mix well so the oil is distributed evenly.  If you are dealing with oily hair and the recipe is too oily for your scalp you should probably make another shampoo mix with a lot less oil and then mix your first batch with your second batch.  This is a bit an effort.  So if you know your hair turns greasy easily you should reduce the amounts of oils right from the beginning.  It is a lot easier to add more oil later than to make another shampoo mixing it with your first one.

Below are all the ingredients you need for the shampoo.  I prefer the coconut milk/oil mixture so I added it.  It looks like a lot but these ingredients will last you a long time making you a powerful shampoo over and over.

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