Alzheimer Disease and Aloe Vera

Alzheimer disease affects millions of people world-wide.   The brain of Alzheimer patients show heavy plagues and tangles of protein formation.  This is most likely the cause why neurons die.  But what causes the formation of these protein tangles and the plagues?  There are different theories on the possible cause such as an accumulation of too many body toxins throughout the body and brain eventually, a vitamin B 12 deficiency, too much aluminum ...

The disease process of a patient that is affected with Alzheimer initially starts with short-term memory loss.  As the disease advances, the memory loss is becoming more severe.  As the disease progresses, people can’t care for themselves anymore without help.  They need assistance with simple daily chores.  They also experience emotional episodes at times.  Eventually, they become completely helpless and depend on the assistance of a caregiver. 

Body Toxins

Australian scientists conducting Alzheimer research have identified a toxin which they claim plays a key role in the onset of Alzheimer disease.  It is called quinolinic acid slowly killing nerve cells.   While quinolinic acid does kill nerve cells they are not certain whether it is the cause of Alzheimer disease.  The Alzheimer’s research team from Sydney’s St vincent’s hopsital, the University of Sydney and Japan’s Hokkaido University found quinolinic acid in the brains of patients suffering from dementia and other brain disorders.

Many ailments are thought to be caused by an accumulation of body toxins.  Antioxidants and alkaline foods help neutralize toxins and limit its accumulation.  An intestinal tract free of build-up can absorb nutrition properly.  The blood will get all the essential nutrition and transport it to the different body systems including the brain.  In recent years, there has been an increasing interest in ph-friendly nutrition and finding natural antioxidants, which can protect the human body from free radicals and offer it a chance to defeat many chronic diseases.  

Natural plants have received a great deal of attention as sources of natural antioxidants preventing free radical damage, therefore reducing the risk of diseases.  Studies performed with pure aloe vera juice have revealed that the long list of healing compounds found within the leaf gel of the aloe vera plant possess numerous pharmaceutical abilities.

Vitamin Deficiency

Some new research findings suggest a link between alzheimer disease and certain vitamins such as folic acid and vitamin B12.  B12 is only found in certain foods, such as meat, fish and eggs and also in pure and unaltered aloe vera juice.  Another great source of b-vitamins are wheat and barley grass or superbluegreen algae.

B12 needs certain compounds, found within the body,  so it can be absorbed.  Are these compounds missing, do only low levels exist or do people develop antibodies, a B12 deficiency can develop.  About 40% of older patients have a vitamin B12 deficiency.  A lack of vitamin B12 causes homocysteine levels to rise, which can increase the risk of developing heart disease and maybe even Alzheimer Disease. 

Aluminum and Alzheimer Disease

Some research studies link aluminum to alzheimer disease.   As brains of diseased alzheimer patients were examined, they did not only notice a significant amount of shrinkage but also a fair amount of aluminum.  Where could all this aluminum come from?  Deodorants, certain synthetic mineral supplements, aluminum cans, aluminum cookware, baking additives, aluminum wrap.  Whether aluminum is the cause or a contributor to the onset of Alzheimer disease is still uncertain.  Nevertheless, it is considered a body toxin and interferes with our internal balance.

Pure Aloe Vera Juice benefits for Alzheimer patients

Aloe Vera is the most impressive medicinal herb invented by mother nature.  There is nothing on this planet comparable to this ancient healing plant that offers the amazing variety of healing benefits granted by aloe vera.  While Pure Aloe Vera juice hasn’t been officially recognized in any major Alzheimer research studies, the superfood does come with  a long list of benefits that could possibly slow down the progression of the disease or even stop further damage.  

One Naturopathic physician once told me that every disease starts in the gut.  Whether that is true about Alzheimer we don’t know.  Fact is though that thousands of miracle stories circle the globe in regards to cleansing out the digestive system and nourishing it properly by watching our ph balance.  If we have build-up throughout our entire body and are able to get rid of this build up with a body cleanse using pure aloe vera juice and watching our ph balance, wouldn’t our brain be positively affected by this cleanse as well? 

Pure Aloe Vera Juice is a very potent cleanser.  It removes toxins from the body  and balances the ph.   Removing toxins and build-up increasing blood flow to every single organ, will also increase blood circulation to the brain.  The compounds that cause a cleansing effect and are transported through the entire circulatory system, also have a cleansing effect on the brain.  This could decrease the symptoms of atherosclerosis and possibly reduce the plaque associated with Alzheimer disease.

Pure Aloe Vera  reduces high blood pressure and slowly works on rebalancing heart health.  It is not a medicine for high blood pressure but it slowly corrects the root causes for the high blood pressure.  

Pure Aloe Vera Juice  significantly reduces inflammation .  Alzheimer research has shown that patients seem to suffer from chronic inflammation of the brain.  Researchers believe that the longer the inflammation lasts the more healthy cells are damaged.  Pure aloe vera juice has shown to significantly reduce inflammation throughout the body.   Aloe Vera is loaded with antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal compounds.  Several tests done on AIDS patients have proven its strength to powerboost the immune system fighting off infections and inflammations and increasing healthy cell count.

Pure Aloe Vera Juice is loaded with nutrients from A-Z.  You can’t find another natural plant that is such a potent and powerful healer.  It also contains vitamin B6 and B12 which can be found in animal products only.  This is good news for vegetarians.  If you have a B12 deficiency because of your eating habits, pure aloe vera juice would provide you with B12 and a long list of other important health-enhancing compounds.

Aloe Vera balances the health of the entire body.  The improvement of each body system will aid in the improvement of your overall health.  While spending hours in several alzheimer disease forums I have read comments after comments.  Comments from a doctor that recommends aloe vera juice because of its ability to increase circulation to the brain.  One woman reported her mom’s cognitive improvement after the daily intake of one tall glass of pure aloe vera juice upon getting up in the morning.

Since so many diseases show an internal inflammatory condition, and since dementia patients do show a defiency in b-vitamins, foods that contain b-vitamins or a b-vitamin supplement along with aloe vera juice and omega 3 should be considered.  In addition to that, foods that increase the inflammatory response should be avoided or significantly reduced such as breads, cakes, sugar, pasta, coffee and alcohol.

A glass of aloe vera juice can help remove build-up within the digestive tract.  This improves the healing potential in the entire body.

Omega 3 oils help reduce the inflammatory state in the body and also the brain.  Its helpful in improving many conditions.

Containing all important minerals which are often missing in today's diets, especially magnesium which more and more people are becoming deficient of.

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