Anti-Aging Skincare

The never-ending search for Anti-Aging Skincare that actually delivers what it promises seems an almost endless path. Even in the ancient past skincare recipes found on papyri let us believe that Egyptian Women paid great attention to the look and feel of their skin.  The only difference were the ingredients. While back then the skincare recipes contained milk, honey, aloe vera gel and maybe some oils, the ingredients found in skin care products today is a list of long and difficult-to-pronounce components.  

The skin is the biggest filtration organ in the body.   One of its jobs is to allow toxins to be eliminated through the pores.  If those pores become plugged, the skin cannot do its job and many toxins become trapped.  The liver has to work extra hard to neutralize those toxins. Unfortunately, the liver also works very slow and can't neutralize all toxins.  Body toxins slow down the renewal process of every cell in the body, even those within our skin.  So when a chemical-loaden product promises anti aging effects you need to think twice on the long-term effect it has on your skin and body.

For at least over 6000 years people have been using Aloe Vera Gel to protect their skin and body.  Most of us know Aloe Vera Gel for the purpose of treating sun-burnt skin.  But pure aloe vera gel can do much more.

Research studies conducted with pure aloe vera gel

Pure Aloe Vera Gel stimulates fibroblast cell renewal six to eight times faster than normal cell production. Fibroblast cells are found within the dermis of the skin and are responsible for producing collagen.  Less collagen within our skin means reduced elasticity. This of course is a great discovery.  By drinking pure aloe vera juice we can rejuvenate the body from the inside out.  Furthermore we can apply pure aloe vera gel ontop of our skin.

The secret ingredient in pure and unaltered Aloe Gel responsible for the active wrinkle repair is thought to be a polysaccharide, known as acemannan.  This naturally-occuring compound was tested in several other studies, including its healing and cleansing effect on the entire body, not just the skin.  It is often referred to as the miracle ingredient.  A lot of research studies are still underway to extend the list of positive healing effects.  According to Dr. Danhof, polysaccharides reorganize epidermal cells (cells found within the skin).  As we age, these cells aren't as tight-fitting anymore.  The skin becomes looser, water can escape and invaders can enter more easily.  Pure Aloe Vera Gel acs as the purest form of wrinkle repair mother earth has given us. 

Natural anti-aging skincare recipe
that will beautify your skin

Learn how to reduce wrinkles and beautify your skin.  Simple anti-aging skincare recipes with pure aloe vera gel and three other natural ingredients that will beautify your skin.  It is simple, natural, and your skin wil absolutely love it.  

Did you know that aloe vera gel also contains catalytic powers?  This means that it will not only provide your skin with essential nutrition, protect it from foreign invadors and moisturize it.  It will also act as a vehicle of transportation taking other products to its intended destination at turbo speeds.  We all know how good honey is for the skin.  Since honey possesses so many other natural healing and nutritious components you can double the effects of it by adding aloe vera gel to your skin.

Pure Aloe is completely safe to mix with other lotions or oils.  It doesn't work against it but with it. 

I always have pure aloe ver agel handy.  It has become my best friend.  I apply onto my face and neck in the morning, in the afternoon and in the evening.  It is extremely versatile.  It is extremely moisturizing and best of all doesn't clog your pores.  Since the gel is loaded with hundreds of important healing components you can be sure that you are not only providing moisture but also nutrition and protection for your skin, the most natural anti-aging skincare there is.

Stores across the country carry numerous anti-aging skincare products with aloe vera gel as one of the ingredients. Unfortunately, those products most often only contain a small percentage of this rejuvenating gel.  

The most nutritious gel for your skin is the one directly from the leaf of a mature aloe vera barbadensis miller plant.  If you don't have such a plant you can also purchase this wonderfully anti-aging skincare gel from a supplier you know will provide you with a high-quality product.   Make sure you get one with 100% stabilized aloe vera gel.  Any diluted products which contain only a bit of aloe vera won't give you the healing effect that you can otherwise expect.

The connection between beautiful skin and body toxins

Did you know that science has found out that about 70% of the aging process is in your control.  It was also determined that body toxins play a huge role in the aging process.  So what does that mean?  

So to give your face a lift you have to push your body's reset botton.  Consider taking out all the garbage and replacing it with only wholesome nutrition and high-quality skin care products.  Everything that you eat and drink, all the stress you have to endure, all the bad air you breathe in also makes itself noticable on your skin.  

If beautiful skin and healthy hair and nails are important to you, then you might consider flushing out all toxins that keep the body from doing its entire job.  A gentle body cleanse will truly increase the look and feel of your skin, most noticable in your face.  Furthermorae, get rid of toxic and clogging skin care products even if they smell nice and feel like satin on your skin.  Replace them with products from nature, making aloe vera gel your basic product.  Your skin has to breathe.  It is the biggest organ in and on your body.

If you have dry skin you may even add a few drops of jojoba oil to your aloe vera or avocado oil to balance the skin.  Other oils that go well with aloe vera and are very nutritious are almond oil and coconut oil.

Did you know...?

that the skin actually knows how to moisturize itself.  The more you put on your skin to moisturize it, the less work the skin has to do and it will turn off its self-moisturizing production.  So use as little as you can and stay with products from nature's garden as much as you can.

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