The ultimate body detox drink

A body detox drink
very invigorating and rejuvenating

A body detox drink smoothie isn't a new trend.  Mixing healthy ingredients to make a juice was already done in the 80s when I bought my first juicer.  Today as we learn more about our health and how important fruits and vegetables are the healthy and green smoothie has once again surfaced except this time containing a long list of health-enhancing ingredients each carefully picked for its wonderful benefits.  Mixed together these wonderful ingredients make one health-boosting shake.

I am surprised how many people are unaware of how many toxins and acidic waste build-up they carry around day-in and day-out.  They do feel tired and lethargic.  Some of them are sick quite frequently. Others complain of body aches such as back pains, for instance.  And most often a doctor will never advise a body cleanse to remove all old build-up to give the body a chance to rejuvenate.

If you wish to feel energized, have an optimally-working digestive system and want to experience more overall wellness, you should consider a body detox. 

Below you will find a recipe of a body detox drink.  This drink can be implemented into your body cleanse regimen or it can be taken as an occassional energy and vitality booster.

The Body Detox Drink Recipe

  • A blender
  • pure aloe vera juice
  • 1 apple
  • 1 kiwi
  • half a small cucumber
  • chicory salad
  • stinging nettle
  • turmeric powder
  • cinnamon powder
  • lemon or lime
  • green algae 

When I first made this smoothie I had a hard time getting it down.  I personally take 8 ounces of pure aloe vera juice, then add all the fruits and the lemon or lime. You can also add a pear which helps to detox the liver, or even a papaya.  Add a bit of turmeric powder and cimmanom powder.  

Now you notice how much is in your blender.  Now you can add the vegetables, lettuce and additional herbs.  Go easy on them even though they are very detoxing.  Nevertheless if there are too much of them you won't be able to enjoy your smoothie.

Play with the ingredients and adjust if necessary.  It is always best to just add little bits of vegetables and lettuces and taste it.  You can always add a bit more.

This recipe will make two smoothies, one for the morning and one for the afternoon.  Or you can take one and share it with your loved one.

If the smoothie is too thick you can add a little bit of water.  Drink it for breakfast and lunch.  

The Benefits of the ingredients

in your health smoothie

Aloe Vera Juice is an incredible body cleansing plant juice.  It removes build-up within the intestines and allows nutrients to be absorbed into the blood stream.  The digestive system functions increase and the immune system becomes more powerful as well.  Learn about aloe vera benefits in detail, or find out about the important properties in aloe vera.  Aloe Vera is a powerful miracle plant with hundreds of micro-ingredients for optimal healing.

An apple provides over 300 bio-ingredients and neutralizes pollutants.  Apple are good for the Nervous System, Cardiac System and the Immune System.  Of course they should be organic apples.

Greens such as chicory absorb environmental toxins from the blood stream and protect the liver.

Tumeric Powder has long been used in healing practices in China and India.  Modern technology has shown that tumeric powder has the ability to increase the cleansing of toxins out of the liver.

Green Algae is a gigantic detoxifying plant just like aloe vera.  Chlorella binds toxins particularly well, especially heavy metals and chemical residues, even fungal toxins caused by mold and putrefaction.  It is filled with protein, minerals, vitamins and many micro-ingredients that make a huge difference in our health.

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