How to Boost Immune System functions

Before you can learn how to boost immune system functions, it is essential to learn how this important system works and what aspects of daily lifestyle choices can lower its functions.

The immune system is the defense system of the human body against all pathogens (micro-organisms such as viruses, bacteria, parasites) and foreign substances with which a person comes in contact with. It can be compared to a large network running through our entire body protecting our health.

Infections occur when invading pathogens multiply in the body. The best breeding grounds for pathogens are toxin build-up.  

Toxin build-up limit the immune system’s function.  A noptimally-working immune system can fight off an infection much faster and more efficient than a compromised immune system.  Of course that doesn't mean that if you have an optimally-working defense system that you can't get an infection.  A cut in your skin that comes in contact with dirt can produce an infection whether you are healthy or ill.

About 80 percent of all immune cells are found in the intestines.  Our intestinal mucosa practices regular contact with our outer world.  Food, bacteria, fungi, viruses , other pathogens, and even psychological stress affect the immune situation in the intestine.  About 80% of the immune system is localized in the gut.  There are mass collections of lymph nodes, which are formed from numerous lymphoid follicles, also known as Peyer’s patches.  To understand the close connection between intestinal health and the immune system, it is important to pay close attention to healthy digestive functions.  One naturopathic  doctor once said that disease always starts in the gut.  This makes complete sense as the immune system, which is here to protect us from disease, depends on an optimally-running digestive system.

What does your colon look like?

Years of malnutrition, environmental toxins and stress prevent the digestive tract from doing its functions.  A diet rich in acids, environmental toxins and stress all cause toxic build-up.  On the picture you can see a colon and its build-up.  Digestive problems can start harmlessly with the onset of diarrhea or constipation and even headaches but could eventually lead to serious disease if we ignore the harmless symptoms.

how to boost immune system functions

with the help of pure aloe vera juice

Pure Aloe Vera Juice comes with a long list of health benefits.  It is one of a kind healing plant that possesses over 200 healing compounds.  It naturally cleanses the inside of your body, removing build-up within the intestinal walls while at the same time providing nourishment and balance.  Aloe Vera Juice contains 23 polypeptids (immune enhancers)  which helps to improve a long list of immune system disorders, including that of HIV & AIDS.  Along with polysaccharides, they  fight infections and boosts immune system functions.  They increase the levels of T- and B-lymphocytes, cytokines, interleukin and Killer cells.  During a research study with HIV and AIDS patients, promising results were achieved with the regular use of pure aloe vera juice.

how to boost immune system functions
with a gentle body cleanse

Practicing preventive care is the best way to protect your body from weaknesses.  Eating healthy food isn't enough anymore.  Even if we eat healthy we still collect toxins which prevents the different body systems from doing their job optimally.  As a matter of fact,  a collection of build up within the walls of the intestinal tract decrease nutrition absorption.  Just when we think we ate healthy and did something good for our body, half of the nutrition can't even do their intended job.

By following a soft and gentle body detox program along with the daily use of aloe vera juice, you can be certain to get rid of unwanted waste that you have been carrying around for years without compromising your health.  Pure aloe vera juice will provide you with wholesome nutrition balancing out your internal health.  You digestive functions will improve dramatically and your immune system can absorb all the nutrition and work optimally again.  There is truly no more effective way on how to boost your immune system.

In addition to pure aloe vera juice there are nutritional supplements that compliment pure aloe vera juice further providing your body with additional nutrition giving it even more kick to boost immune system functions.

How well your immune system works also has an impact how well it will fight a topical infection.  I have added a personal success story using aloe vera juice to fight a topical infection.  My son had injured his ankle.  It was inflammed.  He was in pain and was worried about his basketball practice.  I did not have anything at home but pure aloe vera juice and gel....

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