Calcium nutrition

Why calcium nutrition is so important for our health

I am sure you have heard about the importance of calcium nutrition in your daily diet.  Let's take a closer look what the role calcium plays in our diet.  

Calcium performs many functions in the body.  It supports the growth and maintenance of strong and healthy bones and teeth but only if it is taken with magnesium at the ideal ratio 3:2.  As a matter of fact calcium taken just on its own weakens bones and teeth.  So make sure that what you eat has the ideal ratio of 3:2.

Calcium affects our health on the most cellular level.  It affects the health of our arteries making them more flexible, controls our heart beat and blood clotting, enhances muscle contraction and balances nerve functions.

It is actually calcium that is necessary so certain cellular functions can take place such as the transport of ions across membranes or to send and receive neurotransmitters.

Now taking calcium alone won't do you much good because the body won't be able to absorb all the calcium and will store it as toxic waste.  For calcium to be absorbed effectively it also needs magnesium and vitamin D.

Today , researchers have found out that magnesium plays just as an important role in body functions. But since the body uses up all magnesium it is important that we give it new magnesium on a daily basis.   Magnesium plays an important aspect in muscle and nervous system health.  It has anti-inflammatory and anti-cramping compounds.  It also plays a significant role in heart health as it keeps arteries smooth and flexible.  It also provides the body with neutralizing compounds during metabolism so the body doesn't use its own depository out of bones, arteries, veins, scalp, etc.  And remember, it takes magnesium so calcium can do its job.

But so magnesium and calcium can be absorbed it takes Vitamin D.  Vitamin D also plays an important role on heart health and the health of our nervous system.  Nowadays it is very common that people are Vitamin D deficient.  Is that because stress robs the body of important nutrients?  Is it because people spend too little time outside?  Or is it that when we do go in the sun we cover our skin with sunblock?

So when it comes to supplying our body with calcium, we not only focus on the right amount of calcium but also on the important mineral magnesium and Vitamin D.  Otherwise calcium cannot be absorbed as should.

how to give your body enough calcium nutrition

There are many fruits and vegetables that contain calcium.  But it isn't just important to increase calcium nutrition but to learn what you can eat so you get the right proportions of calcium, magnesium and vitamin D.

One of my favorite and the focus on my website is Aloe Vera Juice.  It has been around for at least 6000 years and naturally contains all essential vitamins and minerals except vitamin D. Plus it contains over 200 other healing components, each of them working synergistally.  It also has small amounts of organic sulfur, a mineral important to our health.

Aloe Vera Juice has a cleansing effect on the intestines removing build-up naturally.  This is quite important because an intestinal tract that has a lot of build-up cannot properly absorb nutrition.  So a lot of the nutrition won't get absorbed.  That is why it is often recommended to do a gentle cleanse.  

Aloe Vera Juice also has catalytic powers which means that if you took a medicine or another supplement pure aloe vera would become the vehicle of transport and take the medicine or nutritional supplement to its intended destination at super speed.  So this makes aloe vera juice a very favorable superfood to consider if you want to increase your magnesium and calcium nutrition.

Another superfood that is loaded with alkalines (minerals) is a product known as Fields of Green. Fields of green contains barley grass, wheat grass and Alfalfa.  Each of these grasses are loaded with minerals including calcium and magnesium and even vitamin D and help heal the body at the cellular level. Because it is so rich in alkalines it also helps cleanse toxins.   These mineral-rich grasses can be taken with aloe vera juice, for instance, to increase its effects.  Since aloe vera juice also acts as a turbo charger it will make sure that the most needed calcium and magnesium, for instance, will get to its intended destination at fast speeds. 

Superbluegreen algae is another superfood similar to the combination of grasses mentioned above.  It too is loaded with minerals and has the capability to help the body cleanse.  Since it is also a superfood it means that it contains all essential nutrition, giving the body energy and vitality.  Together with aloe vera juice, it can provide us humans an appropriate amount of each mineral.  

One more absolutely wonderful and complete food is bee pollen.  Bee pollen too is loaded with all essential nutrition.  Bee pollen also contains natural histamines which makes it a top choice for people suffering of seasonal allergies.  Nevertheless, if you are allergic to bees, you shouldn't take bee pollen.  It also contains a long list of healing components.  Bee pollen contains plenty of calcium, magnesium and even vitamin D.  It also has a small amount of organic sulfur, an important mineral.

Again, vitamin D we get from the sun.  Choosing synthetic vitamin D should only be considered during rainy and foggy days and not become a habit in staying inside all day. 

So if you know you have a mineral deficiency and need to up your calcium or magnesium intake, consider natural superfoods versus synthetic nutritional supplements.  

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