What is candida albicans?

Candida Albicans is a fungus that is part of the gut flora which, if allowed to increase its population, can cause many undesirable symptoms.  These symptoms can include: fatigue, depression, decreased sex-drive, frequent colds, achy muscles and joints, dull-looking skin and hair, digestive issues, toenail fungus, and the list goes on.  If the Candida gets out of control it can even cause more agitating symptoms such as a yeast infection, minor to major skin rashes, oral thrush, just to name a few.

What causes an increase in the candida albicans fungus?

An overgrowth of the Candida Albicans fungus doesn't necessarily give us a feeling of being sick.  It slowly starts to manifest itself and cause certain symptoms.  That is when we speak of a condition known as Candidiasis.  Candidiasis is often caused by the use of antibiotics, bad dietary habits over a longer period of time and chronic stress. These three factors can produce a disbalancing force within the intestinal flora causing all types of symptoms.  

Lets take a closer look at these three major causes and how it feeds the Candida Albicans Fungus:

Antibiotics are nothing else than a fungus which is meant to kill a bacteria.  Unfortunately, it also kills some of the good bacteria in the intestines.  Unfortunately, antibiotics are also found in non-organic meats.  So without even realizing it we consume antibiotics.  

A diet rich in sugars, flour, pasta, meat and alcohol produces a large amount of acidic waste.  Acidic food is exactly what feeds the fungus.  The more you feed it acids the better it can grow and expand. This acidic waste then turns into build-up within the body.  Our ph level drops, our intestines along with all the other body systems don't function optimally anymore.  The immune system loses its ability to fight off infections.

Stress is just as fatal to our intestinal health as bad nutrition.  Stress causes a chemical reaction in the body which produces body toxins.  On a temporary basis it won't harm the body.  If you are suffering of chronic stress, then your body stores these toxins as build-up.  Build-up lowers the immune system's capability to fight off infections.  The ph balance is off and the fungus has a chance to expand its territory.

How to eliminate candidiasis

To eliminate Candidiasis you need to consider to take everything away that would feed the Candida Albicans fungus. This means that you would have to adjust your diet and lifestyle and find ways to reduce your stress.  This can be done by eating an abundance of vegetables, salads, fruits and certain nuts.  Limit your intake of sugar, flour, pasta, white rice and alcohol.  As a matter of fact, avoid all sugar except that from the fruit you eat. Eat salads for lunch only and vegetables, potatoes and soups for dinner.

Control your stress by choosing stress reduction techniques or by taking additional supplements that you might be lacking in your diet but which are important for your Nervous System (most minerals especially magnesium, plus omega 3 fatty acids).

the most effective method to fight candidiasis

The most effective method that will guarantee you v ictory is a gentle body cleanse because it will starve the fungus and not provide it more food to grow.  But because it won't kill it and as a matter of fact, it will just m move to a different area in your body and cause possibly more severe symptoms, it is necessary to include an antifungal herb during your body detox.

Now aloe vera juice does contain antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal agents.  If you keep drinking large amounts of aloe vera juice and commit to a strict alkaline diet you could get rid of your candida albicans eventually.  If you are doing a complete body detox which also reduces your fatty tissue, and because fungus likes to nestle itself in fatty tissue, there is one medicine from ancient greece that will definitely knock out the fungus, especially if used in combination with aloe vera juice.

Oil of oregano is so strong that it will knock out any bacteria or virus but leave the good bacteria alone. But to warn you, it has a very strong taste to it.  If you choose oil of oregano, make sure you get one with a very high amount of caprylic acid, at least 80%.  

Otherwise, you may also opt for other natural alternatives. My second pick that is tasteless because it comes in capsule form is garlic and thyme.  Garlic and Thyme both have been known to help knock out fungus.  

In addition to aloe vera juice and oil of oregano or garlic & thyme, you should also consider a probiotic supplement.  In addition, you need some green grasses to wash out the toxic waste from the fungus.  This can be achieved with chlorella algae or barley and wheat grass.

Since this process does make the live and kidney work extra hard you need to make sure you eat products that are naturally loaded with minerals.  Aloe Vera juice and the green grasses have a high mineral count but it is not enough.  Approximately 1.5-2 hours after dinner or before going to bed, you should consider taking some mineral supplement.

Drink one glass of water or a green tea with lemon grass upon waking up.  Afterwards you can drink one glass of aloe vera juice.

Take your probiotics with meals or just before meals.  If you take the probiotics from forever living, you just need one a day.  You take that in the morning with an alkaline-friendly breakfast.  If you choose a product that you have to take twice a day, take one in the morning and one in the evening with dinner.

Fields of green is a collection of grasses which contain full spectrum nutrition.  You can take these throughout the day. Start with three a day and up your dosage.

You can instead opt for chlorealla algae and mix it into a powrful green smoothie.

Take the oil of oregano twice a day.  I personally get the oil of oregano from Greece with a high amount of caprilyc acid (86%).  This assures that your fungus is completely kicked out.  Or get the garlic thyme supplement which you can take throughout the day.

How long should I take the supplements?

Before you start with your dietary changes and the supplements, do a quick candida albicans test.  You can also do a simple one at home.  Take a glass of luke-warm water and spit in it.  If it gradually sinks to towards the bottom of the glass in the form of strings, you most likely have an infection with candida albicans.  If you want to be sure, you can also order a test o,nline.

Once you know you have it, consider a body detox.  Depending on the severity, you should consider a good 8 weeks for your body detox.  You don't have to starve during this process but just leave out some ingredients that feed the fungus.  Implement the oil of oregano right away.  Take it for two weeks and then test it again.  The stricter you are with your dietary intake, the faster the oil of oregano can wipe it out.  

During a body detox the right food plays a critical role in your success.  This is done by selecting different fruits and vegetables.  In addition, we add pure aloe vera juice because aloe vera juice is very alkalizing and it naturally helps the body remove build-up from withn the intestinal walls.  In addition, it also has anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal capabilities.  This means it helps restore the intestinal flora without disturbing it. 

During a body cleanse it is important to re-establish a healthy intestinal flora.  Often enough this can be achieved with aloe vera juice and bee pollen.  Nevertheless, a temporary probiotic product containing all strains of the good bacteria is still beneficial.

After you are done with your body cleanse you probably don't want to go back to your old eating habits. It is okay to have some sugar here and there as long as you balance your ph so your daily consumption consists of 70% alkalines and 30% acids.  This is very do-able.  The end effect of it will be an extremely healthy you without any candida albicans that causes agitating symptoms.  You will be energized, happy and amazed by the feel and look of your body.  

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