how to fight cat allergies

Cat allergies occur when the immune system is trying to protect you from a foreign substance.  While some people might think it is the hair that causes the allergic reaction in their body, it is a protein found in cat's saliva, urine and dander that causes the misery.

During an allergic reaction the body produces antibodies that identify those allergens as a dangerous invador.  The release of certain antibodies increases white blood cell activity.    This increased mast cell activity then leads to what we know as an allergic reaction.  These allergic reactions can be classified as mild to severe.

Scientific research has shown that allergic reactions have been on the rise, and they believe it to be due to the increase of environmental toxins, bad nutritional choices and even certain life-style choices disturbing our intestinal flora (good bacteria) encouraging the build-up of acidic waste within the body. With acidic build-up the body can't function as optimally as it should.  This of course doesn't necessarily mean that you wouldn't have any allergies if you cleansed your body occassionally and considered only ph-balanced nutrition. Nevertheless, an absolutely optimally-working digestive system is critical for an optimally-working immune system.

start your cat allergy remedy by resetting your body

There are certainly a lot of methods how to lower cat allergies such as keeping your cats out of certain areas, not having carpets in your house, only thin rags which you can wash regularly, or take over-the-counter medication.

The last option to me makes no sense at all.  As a Wholistic Healthcare Counselor I know that medication will weaken your immune system and throw off your ph-balance even more making you more prone to other foreign invadors.  It should really be your last option if everything you have tried and you don't want to give away your cat.

Nowadays, our internal balance is so off due to several factors that it is no wonder allergies are at a rise. Now, I understand that you could eat the same thing as your friend, and you have an allergy to cats and your friend doesn't.  We just simply aren't the same and don't operate the same.  But a healthy and clean body is such a strong fighting force that you would be surprised how it could affect your sensitivity to allergies.

Below you will find a guide where to start and what to implement into your daily routine to improve your intestinal health and give your body a chance to reduce its allergic reactions.

Resetting the body means to get rid of build-up so the immune system can function optimally again.  This can be done in form of a gentle body cleanse neutralizing all toxins within the body and eventually washing them out of the body so your ph is balanced.  This doesn't mean you have to commit to a juice diet.  No, simply adjusting your diet a bit to let out all the garbage inside you.  You will feel a lot better, you will look better and your sensitivity to allergens should decrease.

By cleansing and resetting your body you will also reduce the chance of developing one of the many diseases of civilization.  A clean intestine is the beginning and the end of life.  The health of your digestive tract determines your overall health.  Choose a good probiotic product to help you rebuild your intestinal health.  This should be taken as part of your body cleanse.  Once you have done your cleanse and rebuilt your intestinal flora and you practice ph-balanced nutrition you shouldn't need the probiotics anymore. If you don't practice ph-balanced nutrition and eat a lot of sugar and flour, you definitely need to keep taking the probiotics.

One little tip:  To reduce allergic reactions whether it is a peanut butter allergy or cat allergies, significantly reduce sugar and flour in your diet.

As part of this simple cleanse, one natural plant can provide us with additional assistance, the aloe vera plant.  Aloe Vera Juice naturally removes build-up from within the walls of the intestines allowing for nutrition to be absorbed more effectively.  Daily intake will slowly but gently balance your internal system.  Aloe Vera juice is a wonderful juice to accompany during a body cleanse and to be used daily to help balance your ph.

Reduce your stress to limit toxins within your body.  If you do seem to suffer of chronic stress, consider relaxation techniques such as massage or yoga or deep breathing exercises.  Make sure you supply your body with plenty of omega 3.  Unless you eat fresh salmon from Canada or Alaska regularly and limit the bad fats, you probably should consider taking an omega 3 supplement on a regular basis.

Consider taking bee pollen.  Bee Pollen is a superfood.  This means it provides the body with all essential nutrition.  Plus, it does contain a flavonoid known as quercetin which has an anti histamine reaction on the body.  This means it reduces an allergic reaction within the body. Bee Pollen should be taken in low dosages at first and increased to its desired amount.  The body slowly gets accustomed to bee pollen. You might not experience immediate effects.

In addition, you can also try dry-freezed stinging nettle capsules.  Some people who suffer of cat allergies have reported positiv effects by adding this herbal remedy

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