pure aloe vera juice - a cure for aids?

Can we find a cure for aids within nature?

For years medical research studies are trying to a find a cure for aids.  But to this day it seems impossible to mutate this virus and its vicious plan in destroying the fighting force of the human immune system. Nevertheless, I am about to share with you the findings of some medical research studies that might offer anyone with this debilitating disease a little window of hope.

Occassionally we seem to hear about amazing healing testimonials.  And when we talk of a virus such as the HIV virus we don't even think of a healing testimonial because we are told it is a virus eventually leading to death and there definitely isn't a cure for Aids.  Nevertheless, some interesting medical research studies conducted by Dr. Terry Pulse are worth the time, especially for those dealing with this weakening virus.  Dr. Terry Pulse, a physician from Texas, was having phenomenal success treating HIV AIDS patients with pure aloe vera juice.  Did Dr. Terry Pulse find a cure for AIDS?

Dr. Terry pulse on his quest to find a cure for aids

The first of a series of medical research studies conducted by Dr. Terry Pulse consisted of a daily regimen of omega-3 fatty acids and 8-12 ounces of pure aloe vera juice (drinking gel).  For this study 30 volunteers were selected.  All subjects were allowed to continue their HIV AIDS medications.  The study was approved by the FDA.  The volunteers were compromised of patients with beginning HIV, patients with AIDS related symptoms, and last but not least patients with full-blown AIDS.  

After 90 days into the study, 5 full-blown AIDS patients were downgraded to HIV beginning stage.  10 patients with full-blown AIDS had improved to HIV with some AIDS related symptoms.  10 Patients went from AIDS-related symptoms back to beginning HIV.  And 1 patient from beginning HIV to HIV negative (no presence of HIV anymore).  So, at least one patient could claim that these medical research studies are a cure for Aids, at least if in the beginning stages as it was the case with him.

Excited about these findings, Dr. Terry Pulse announced his findings.  Unfortunately, in the world of HIV studies, 90 days in not enough to declare a study as successful, and also because it wasn't a double-blind study, it did not pass the system of being accepted. 

In 1990, Dr. Terry Pulse conducted another study.  Again, 30 participants were selected.  This time, Dr. Terry Pulse decided to conduct the study by administering his patients only aloe vera gel (juice) in larger dosages as before, 10-14 ounces per day.  Again, the patients were allowed to condinue their medication during the study.

Many of the patients were downgraded to HIV positive beginning stages, one even went from HIV positive to HIV negative.  All patients except for one experienced moderate to highly remarkable improvements in their test results.  

Dr. Pulse stated that Aloe Vera Juice is to an HIV or even AIDS patient what Insulin is to a Diabetic.  It is the answer to prolonging life significantly.  According to Dr. Pulse's report which was published in the Journal of Advancement in Medicine, most patients who were symptomatic improved their energy levels within days.  Their symptoms had decreased, some were even eliminated all together.

Unfortunately, Dr. Terry Pulse still couldn't gain credibility amongst his peers.  As a crusader determined to find a cure for AIDS, Dr. Terry Pulse died all the sudden.  Nevertheless, these two studies alone show such remarkable findings that anyone suffering of HIV AIDS can have some hope of increasing their health thanks to Dr. Terry Pulse's determination.

Does Aloe Vera cure HIV Aids?

I have a very good friend who has been HIV positive for a very long time now.  In a quest to help him increase his health or even better find a cure for aids, I am always researching this subject to find out more information and to read up on medical research in regards to this "debilitating disease".

I have found two videos that include interviews with Dr. Terry Pulse, the pioneer of aloe vera research in connection with HIV AIDS and cancer.  The videos are each under 10 minutes long and could change the life of someone with hiv and aids.

Listen to what a doctor, a medical researcher, a biologist and actual AIDS patients have to say about aloe vera and how it has affected their health.

If you do have AIDS or are hiv positive then this video and the medical research studies could affect your life a great deal building up the fighting force furthermore increasing overall vitality.

Most HIV AIDS patients have a very acidic ph.  The constant stress of dealing with the disease and the medications which are very acidic don't help at all to balance the ph.  The more acidic the ph the harder the entire body has to work to protect it.  Understanding how to lower that acidicty and to increase the alkalinity, how to perform a gentle body cleanse to regenerate the body and how to choose nutritional supplements to improve one's health are very important.  Aloe Vera Juice is the basis of all that because it gently cleanses and supports a healthy body detox.  It is filled with nutrition and goes well with many other nutritional supplements.  

During one of Dr. Terry Pulse's medical research studies which showed phenomenal success only after 90 days, the patients received a tall glass of aloe vera juice and omega 3 fatty acids.  While aloe vera juice can really be credited for this success as we can see this in the second study as well it is also worth mentioning what role omega 3 fatty acids play.

When someone has a condition or a disease the body is usually in chronic inflammatory state.  As a matter of fact many diseases can develop through chronic inflammation.  That is where omega 3 fatty acids can come in handy because they offer the body certain fatty acids which are necessary to fight chronic inflammation.  On top of that, if you take the power ingredients of aloe vera, in this case and you combine it with omega 3 fatty acids, the aloe vera juice will also act as a turbo booster.  This means that it sends the omega 3 to its intended destination at super speeds.  This also means that the effects of omega 3 will be doubled.

Most HIV Aids patients are eventually given some sort of AZT drug.  Whether that truly prolongs life is questionable.  What we do know that it definitely isn't a cure for aids.  It is very toxic, will lower your ph, increasing your inflammatory response and will eventually damage organs and attack the neurological system.  AZT was originally created to help cancer patients but when they realized how toxic it was it wasn't approved for its use.  Only decades later it is being administered to AIDS patients.

Healing at the cellular level
with pure aloe vera juice

Bill C. Coats, the world authority of aloe vera writes about the theory and test results of Dr. Davis. Here is an excerpt from his book "Aloe Vera, the New Millenium".

Further support has been given to Dr. Davis theories and those of others that nutrition is most probably the missing factor in both prevention and cure of Aids.  In tests of AIDS patients, deficiencies of vitamin C, E, pyridoxine B-1, vitamin A, and folic acid have been noted, and deficiencies of zinc.  Anabolic hormone replacement and Human Growth Hormones have now been recommended for patients with fully developed AIDS.  The fact that AZT, or any chemo, virtually strip-mines nutrients from an already immunodepressed human system, replenishing vitamins and minerals is now deemed of critical importance if the patient is to enjoy any true potential for recovery.

Proper replenishment requires proper absorption.  HIV positive patients, especially those in secondary stages of AIDS, exhibit high levels of malabsorption, diarrhea, and intestinal infections.  So they're not only malnourished, they are unlikely to absorb the nutrition unless it is delivered at the cellular level.

Enter Aloe Vera with its incredible abilities as a proven nutrient delivery system and with its ability to penetrate at the cellular level.  What better answer to the current Caucus race of problem-solution that still surrounds the AIDS pandemic."

So knowing all that, you can ask yourself whether you want to believe the findings or not.  If you want to know it for yourself, you'd best test it yourself.  Then you will know whether aloe vera juice in combination with omega 3 fatty acids and ph-balanced nutrition can be a cure for aids.  For nutritional guidance please contact me.

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