Digestive Disorders & Aloe Vera Juice

Digestive disorders are growing nation-wide and even world-wide at a rapid scale.  An unprecendented number of doctor visits are due to digestive problems such as peptic ulcer, acid reflux, constipationulcerative colitis, diverticulitis, inflammatory bowel syndrome, just to name the most common digestive system disorders. To reduce such syptoms can often be achieved by making dietary and/or lifestyle changes.

According to Dr. John C. Pittman, M.D. poor digestion results in the following problems:  As the food doesn’t get broken down completely, toxins are not removed from the cells.  This affects all cells, including white blood cells, which then lack fuel and energy to perform their duty.  Maldigestion can cause even further problems as food remnants can leak into the gut and cause pathological reactions.  Undigested food can also become a breeding ground for candida, parasites, etc.  Those nasty inhabitants can create digestive disorders, even food allergies, fatigue and much more. Inflammation in the intestines can cause further digestive problems as negatively-charged oxygen molecules begin to chop holes in cell membranes.

Research trials with pure aloe vera juice have shown that this ancient healing plant's healing components can improve conditions such as peptic ulcers, can balance intestinal secretions, influence bowel flora, improve pancreatic activity and functioning, balance bacteria in the colon reducing putrification and also balancing the intestinal ph.

The beginning of digestive disorders

Digestive problems have three main reasons why they are here:  There are either too many acids, there are too little acids or there are pepsin in the stomach. A lot of times it is an overacidity (too many toxins chronically) that will cause the off-balance though, the precursor of many ailments.  Dietary habits and certain lifestyles do create overacidity, and if that acid/alkaline balance is off, digestion isn't working properly and protein can pass down into the lower bowel causing putrefaction and excessive production of toxins.  As the internal balance is off and the intestines become sluggish, build-up (toxins) form along the intestinal walls.  There is a strong correlation between overacidity and certain digestive disorders.

This is what overacidity will do to your colon.  It only makes common sense that your digestive system will become sluggish if the colon is partially clogged with build-up.  This is acidic waste which won't find its way out of the body unless we start balance our ph and provide the body with natural ingredients to remove this build-up, slowly but effectively.

Cleansing and balancing your Ph level

Balancing your ph levels can often have a significant effect on the efficiency of your digestive system.  Everything we eat and drink is measured on a ph-scale from 0-14.  A balanced ph-level would consist of approximately 70% alkaline and 30% acidic foods.  Often it is the other way around.

The wonderful part about pure aloe vera juice is the fact that it is a natural cleanser, removing build up and aiding the body in achieving a healthy ph-balance.  Of course you cannot expect to eat very unhealthy and hope to fix the problem with a glass of pure aloe vera juice alone.  Although minor digestive adjustments in addition to eight ounces of pure aloe vera juice should already mark some improvements. 

In addition to aloe vera juice being a gentle and natural cleanser it is also considered a Superfood.  This means that it naturally contains all essential nutrition that the human body needs to function optimally.

If you are serious about rejuvenating your digestive system, cleaning it out and giving it a new start, consider a soft body cleanse to remove all old build-up.  You will be amazed how different you will feel, physicially as well as emotionally.  Once your build-up (toxins) have been removed and the nutrition can be absorbed again most effectively because no build-up along the walls of the intestines are blocking it, you will notice an increase in energy.  Certain paines and aches are gone, and most of all your digestion will work like clockwork.

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