Fight Infections with Pure Aloe Vera Juice

If you want to fight infections the natural way, I think it is important to determine what kind of infection you have and how serious it is.  Never substitute medication for a natural anti-inflammatory treatment if you have a life-threatening infection.

If we have a bacterial infection we are usually given antibiotics by our doctors.  Antibiotics are nothing but actual fungi which are meant to kill the bacteria that is causing the infection. Unfortunately, it also kills the friendly bacteria that we need to keep the digestive system balanced.  While antibiotics will help us get better within a short time, repetitive use actually weakens the immune system and makes us more prone to more infections.  Eventually, the body won’t respond to that type of antibiotic anymore which could pose some serious health concerns.

The best way to fight infections is to strengthen our immune system so infections don’t have a chance to develop.  But even a healthy immune system isn’t a full guarantee that those foreign invadors won’t  invade and multiply. 

Pure Aloe Vera Juice
the most powerful natural healing plant

Pure Aloe Vera Juice has been an effective remedy combating many conditions caused by viruses or bacteria. It is also considered a natural anti-inflammatory.  Pure Aloe Vera Juice stimulates the immune system to build a large army against those foreign invadors.  Acemannan, a polysaccharide, found in pure aloe vera juice plays a significant role in fighting infections.  It boosts white cell activity, furthermore increasing T-helper cells and killer cells.

One of aloe vera's significant role is to continuously remove build-up within the intestinal tract.  This is an important fact when it comes to immune health.  The less build-up within the body the better our immune system can protect us or fight infections with its many powerful healing compounds.

So whether you have a cut on your skin or an internal bacterial or viral infection, aloe vera will go right there in the body where it is needed.  

One of the worst internal infections we can imagine having would be the HIV infection.  During several research studies done on HIV-AIDS patients amazing results were noticed.  A study can be read here.

Since Aloe Vera Juice is a natural anti-inflammatory, it can be used against topical infections as well.  I, myself had put this to the test on my son's inflammed ankle.  His ankle was swollen, red, painful and very hot to the touch.  You can read about the study below.

This is how we cleared an inflammation
without using medication

A wooden stick had punctured my son's skin near his ankle.  The injured area began to swell up and was warm to the touch.  I cleaned the area wth my aloe vera facial cleanser using a cotton pad carefully padding the injured site.  Then I gently massaged pure aloe vera gel onto the affected area twice daily. In addition, my son drank eight ounces of pure aloe vera juice daily.

After only one day of this natural anti-inflammatory treatment the swelling had decreased by around 70%, the pain was nearly gone all the way, and the redness was reduced as well.  I was completely amazed how fast aloe vera went to work at my son's ankle. At last it is a natural anti-inflammatory and not a medicine.  We continued the treatment for a few more days to make sure that all of the infection had completely been cleared.  

Since Aloe Vera is a natural healing plant containing natural anti-inflammatory compounds it is completely safe to take over a long period of time because it doesn't contain any ingredients that would throw off the internal balance of the body.  As a matter of fact, pure aloe vera juice is considered a superfood balancing your internal as well as external health. Many folks drink it daily to make up for the mineral and vitamin deficencies in today's diets.

Fight infections of all sorts

Aloe Vera Gel & Juice work wonders if you are trying to fight infections of topical nature.  But those are not the only infections you can treat.  Drinking one full glass of pure aloe vera juice upon getting up in the morning will help the kidneys release toxins.  The more toxins you have in the body the harder the immune system has to work. Aloe Vera Juice softly cleanses the digestive system without causing any harmful side-effects.  You won't even know you are releasing toxins because it happens so silently.  

When you are trying to fight infections it is important to drink at least the recommended dosage.  You might even slowly increase that dosage.  The Aloe Vera Juice I drink comes in one-liter bottles, and it is recommended to drink 8 ounces per day to provide your body with full-spectrum nutrition.  Every so often I hear people telling me that it did not work for them.  When I ask them how much they drank, I find out that they only had 2 ounces per day or diluted it with water in an effort to save money.  So make sure you don't dilute your aloe vera drink especially if you are trying to fight an ailment or an infection.

During trials where Aids patients were given Aloe Vera Juice, they drank one liter per day, not to stay healthy but to improve their blood cell count and to increase their overall state of health.

I, myself, did a personal study to fight strep throat, another one of those nasty and very common infections.  I was diagnosed with strep but never took the antibiotics.  You can read my study here.

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