Hay fever and pure aloe vera juice

Each year millions of people fall prey to Hay Fever or Springtime allergies.  When the last snow has melted and the trees start to bloom, pollen from different plants get airborne.  While some of us can't wait for winter to be over welcoming the warming sun of springtime, others just wish they could skip springtime, mainly due to the symptoms that accompany them for the course of several weeks.    People allergic to pollen are being attacked with symptoms such as sneezing, watery and itchy eyes, coughing.

Every year more and more people have to put up with hay fever or springtime allergies, mainly because of an increased level of pollution decreasing the body's ability to fight it off.

The cause of springtime allergies

Pollen is the best known spring allergy trigger.  This tiny dust is released into the air by different plants depending on the season.  Once a person allergic to pollen breathes in these tiny dust particles, they start to sneeze, rub their eyes.  Some even have asthmatic attacks.  While the immune system thinks that the pollen is a foreign invader it releases antibodies to fight those foreign invaders.  These antibodies then attack the allergens.  This action causes the release of histamines into the blood.  To cunter the attack, most often, people are given anti-histamine medication.

the best superfoods to fight hay fever

The absolutely best remedy to fight hay fever is the combination of aloe vera juice with bee pollen.  Bee pollen is the superfood produced by the bees that can eventually eliminate seasonal allergies while aloe vera softly cleanses the digestive tract and also acts as a transport medium for the bee pollen.

Bee pollen acts as a desentizer.  It slowly gets the body used to the histamine which will gradually lower the histamine attacks in spring time.  For this to be effective, bee pollen should be started in late fall to early winter. Start slowly with one courter tablet and increase it slowly, eventually taking the maximum dosage.  Combine it with aloe vera juice.

Since you know exactly when your allergy kicks in and since the first year you will still have symptoms, you need to stop with the bee pollen once allergies start as the body is now fighting off the histamine and doesn't need more of it.  Once the allergy season has passed you can continue with bee pollen since bee pollen is also loaded with much needed nutrition.

Lots of research has been conducted with bee pollen and its effects on diseases.  I could write an entire webpage on bee pollen alone because its effects it has on human health is truly amazing, from inhibiting the development of numerous harmful bacteria to fighting cancer, giving athletes more energy all the way to be the most effective remedy against the symptoms of hay fever.

I decided to put it to the test myself.  Since aloe vera juice or gel acts like a catalyst multiplying the positive healing effects of bee pollen, we tried the bee pollen with aloe vera juice.  The effects were springtime allergies without medications.  You can read up on the personal research study about hay fever and how to go about implementing bee pollen and aloe vera juice for the purpose of fighting seasonal allergies.

Toxin build-up

A study done with patients suffering from allergies had tested the severity of allergies after a body detox.  After build-up was removed, and the immune system was able to work more efficiently symptoms of allergy attacks were reduced significantly.

So if you are suffering from allergies it is a wise idea to do a body cleanse to eliminate most of the build-up inside your body.  And to reduce the amount of recurring build-up and to support your health and reduce the symptoms of allergies year by year, daily aloe vera juice will help you get there.  

helpful hints
during allergy season

Allergy season isn't fun for those that do suffer.  Implementing a diet consisting of aloe vera juice and an herbal supplement can really reduce the symptoms significantly.  Here are some additional helpful tips how to lessen the amount of pollen around you.

  • Consider staying inside during high-pollen days.
  • Keep your windows closed.
  • Shower and wash your hair before you go to bed.  This way pollen won't find a place on your pillow to trigger further attacks.

Remember:  If you are planning to implement Aloe Vera Juice and bee pollen into your allergy-fighting regimen you must start taking those superfoods regularly, on a daily basis, starting during the wintermonths already.  Most people report of having nearly elminated hay fever or seasonal allergies only after a few years of bee pollen.  Most of them report a noticable difference already the first year.

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