Home-made health drinks
Healing and Invigorating

Health drinks are a simple alternative to nutritional supplements in a jar to provide our body with nutrients causing an envigorating and rejuvenating effct.  So why not make your own drinks. 

Did you know that there is actually a natural, effective, safe, inexpensive method that detoxifies the diseased organism, strengthens the immune system, regenerates degenerated tissue and restores the normal functions of cells, tissues and organs: a mixture of the medicinal plant Aloe Vera Barbadensis Miller, honey and grappa.  This is believed to be one of the most effective cancer-fighting recipes.  The recipe is brought to us from the favelas of Brazil.  

The Brazilian Franciscan monk, Father Romano Zago was introduced to of the most rejuvenating health drinks  in 1988. Since then he has made this healthy drink for thousands of people with chronic illness at an advanced stage - with overwhelmingly positive, often startling, partially sensational successes. Meanwhile, he has written three books about it and lectured in Brazil, Portugal, Spain, France, Italy and Switzerland.

The Aloe Vera, honey and grappa drink

  • 1 liter of pure aloe vera drink gel
  • 2 dl of pure and natural honey
  • 1 shot of grappa

You can use pure aloe drink gel as long as you get it from a source that can guarantee you high quality.  Add 2 dl of pure and natural honey and one shot of grappa and mix it well in a blender. 

This is a very potent drink and it works well in preventing ailments or getting rid of foreign invaders that cause ailments. 

For preventive purposes:  Drink one glass preferably in the morning on an empty stomach for ten days 4-5 times per year.

For the purpose of curing: If you are fighting an ailment you should drink one glass daily on an empty stomach.  Don’t take it with meals or after meals.  It is best to take it around 20 minutes before you eat.  Take this tincture for a minimum of 10 days until you do notice a difference.  Avoid acidic food as ailments, especially cancer thrive on acids.

The role of Aloe vera

The healing powers of Aloe Vera Barbadensis Miller is based  on synergy, the interaction of substances that reinforce each other in their action and only together have an effect.   The innate characteristical combination of the active ingredients in Aloe make this natural healing plant almost unique.   Here you can read up on its healing properties.

The role of honey

Unspoilt natural honey has been known  as a unique food with excellent healing powers since ancient times.  It seems to act as a vehicle  for the active substances of Aloe, improving the interaction with certain hormones and speeding up the delivery of healing agents into the cells.  Honey also contributes with its own healing substances to the synergistic healing power of the recipe.  Be aware through, healthy drinks have a much greater healing effect if pure and natural ingredients are selected.   Artificial honey and sugar are not suitable. Use the finest and most purest honey you can get.

The role of grappa

Alcohol acts as a solvent and preservative agent; besides, it has a vasodilatory effect, which is in favor to enhance the entire synergetic effect.  This means that the small percentage of alcohol used in this recipe will dilate the blood vessels (make them larger).  This way the incredible potion can be transported to its intended destination even faster.  Make sure you don’t use just any alcohol.

Home-made health drinks
for effective cleansing

Upon researching aloe vera and its body cleansing effects I further discovered additional ingredients from mother earth's garden that have a cleansing effect, removing waste, metal toxins and build-up.  This body detox drink is another one of my favorite health drinks containing many invogorating fruits and vegetables, herbs and of course aloe vera.  This body detox drink is filled with nutrition and is very filling. Everybody should consider a body detox once a year.  I created an additional page for this body cleansing drink so you can learn about the different ingredients and their function during the body detox.

This healthy drink is a perfect drink to kickstart your body detox giving your body plenty of minerals and vitamins before starting the actual body cleansing program.  It can also be used as meal substitutes for a few days to boost your immune system.

Nowaday, the diets of the Western World is very acidic.  An acidic ph is caused by an abundance of meat, bread, pasta, sugar, alcohol, lacking alkalizing ingredients such as fresh fruits and vegetables.  So if you eat vegetables and fruits daily doesn't mean your ph is balanced.  Your alkalines need to make up approximately 70% of your diet where as your acids should make up 30%.  Unfortunately, it is exactly the other way around.  An acidic ph on a permanent basis can cause all kinds of ailments and pains. Sometimes even a simple chronic back pain can be resolved by cleansing the body and supplying it with a ph-balanced diet.

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