Health supplements to fill your gaps

Health supplements have become an important aspects of today's nutrition.  Fruits and vegetables are harvested early, and by the time they land on our table they have lost a huge amount of nutrients.  Besides our busy lifestyles don't even allow us to eat our 5-7 servings of healthy fruits and vegetables. If we want to postpone premature aging and reduce the risk of developing one of the many debilitating diseases, nutritional supplements are a must.

In a previous page I have introduced you to the different health supplements from aloe vera juice all the way to more detailed nutritional supplements.  Sometimes that can be quite confusing and sometimes we think we need a certain supplement when we in fact do require something else.  To make this a bit easier I have dedicated this page to filling the nutritional gaps and giving you a deeper meaning to wholistic health.

The digestive system

The digestive system is where life begins and where it ends.  If you don't have a healthy digestive system all your fruits and vegetables won't help you because they can't get to the intestinal wall, the place  where nutrition is absorbed.  A healthy intestinal tract also means having plenty of good bacteria.  If you are constipated a lot, are irregular, eat lots of sugar, bread and meat and seem to be sick a lot, you should consider giving your intestinal tract a new start with a body cleanse.

Vitamins and minerals

Vitamins and minerals play a key role in all the functions of the body.  Every single body system depends on the proportionally right amount of those nutrients.  For instance calcium and magnesium always have to be taken at a certain ratio for them to be effective.  Along with it they require vitamin D.  Sometimes we can be in the sun and still don't get the vitamin D we need because we either have a heavy coat of sunscreen on our skin or we are lacking other important nutrients which again are important for the absorption of vitamin D.  So you see, quite complicated, and if you take the wrong health supplements, you can really waste your money and not do your health a lot of good.

smart health supplements to increase your vitality

Eating healthy and wholesome food of organic nature is always your best option.  Avoiding too much acid-forming foods such as pasta, rice, white flour and sugar should also be considered.  A good alternative is eating alkaline rich nutrition one day and adding a pasta dish the next day, if you can't go without it.  The less acidic food you consume the healthier you will be, guaranteed.


A healthy digestive system means a healthy immune system.  Nowadays, we eat so much white flour and sugar and that does bring our intestinal flora out of balance. We don't necessarily have alarming symptoms but an imbalanced intestinal flora also makes the perfect breathing ground for certain health conditions.  If you have intestinal issues I really recommend taking a look at your diet.  An alkaline diet will most often rebalance your healthy bacteria inside your intestines.  To double the effect or to make sure that your intestines gain internal balance you may want to add probiotics.

Take one probiotic first thing in the morning with a full glass of water.    I tell you why.  Your liver works at night, getting all toxins and acids ready to be shipped to the kidneys.  It is the kidneys job to send it through the urinary system so you can get rid of it effectively. 

If you consider a body detox to eliminate many toxins, consider probiotics during this process.  If you continue eating balanced ph nutrition after your body detox you most likely won't need probiotics anymore.  If you still consume pasta and flour, sweets, etc, then regular probiotics are a must.

Antioxidant Power or Superfood  

It contains a lot of antioxidant power, an intelligent blend to kickstart your morning with a healthy load of antioxidants.  Anti-oxidants are needed to fight free radicals so they can't change your cells membrane.  You can mix it with aloe vera juice.  Now it is not a must but it definitely will already give your a lot of healthy nutrition first thing in the morning.  

If you choose not to get pomesteen power you can just take a glass of aloe vera juice and follow up with another superfood that contains a lot of minerals and vitamins such as bee pollen,  fields of greens, maca powder, or even lycium.

Arctic Sea Omega 3 for your heart and your brain

The body needs omega 3 and for a healthy heart and brain.  Omega 3 is absolutely essential for your health.  They also reduce inflammation in your body. If you don't eat healthy fish and meat plus plenty of the other ingredients regularly it is wise to at least get an omega 3 supplement.

Take two capsules after lunch and two after dinner on the days that you know you don't get omega 3 from the food you eat.

Nature Minerals from the Sea

Minerals are absolutely essential to keep us healthy.  They have an important job to do.  When we eat the body has to metabolize our food.  For this process it needs minerals.  Those minerals are then needed to neutralize the acids into a form of salt.  These salts are deposited in our connective tissue temporarily to be washed out later again.  If they don't get washed out they add up to what we know as build-up.  So, in order for this process to run very smoothly, we need lots of minerals.  If we don't give our body those minerals in form of food or health supplements, the body takes it out of bones, scalp, arteries, creating a vicious domino effect years down the road. 

Not having enough minerals gives us cramps at night, interrupts our sleeping pattern, promotes sweating at night, and much more.  Take your minerals in the late afternoon with plenty of water.

If you live a hectic life and don't eat a lot of products that naturally contain minerals such as calcium, magnesium, copper, zinc, iron, etc you do should take the full dosage.  That means you take 3 tablets 20 minutes before lunch and 3 tablets 20 minutes before dinner.  If you do eat quite healthy, then you can downsize it to 3 tablets 20 minutes before dinner.  

If you do sports or have a stressful job/situation make sure you do get enough minerals.

Aloe Vera Juice

Aloe Vera Juice is loaded with nutrition and a wonderful compound known as Acemannan.  All nutrients are proportioned perfectly by nature. Drink one glass of aloe vera juice (4 oz / 1 dl) twice daily, preferably on an empty stomach.  Your first glass should be in the morning to help the liver and kidneys get rid of all toxins.

Why is aloe vera juice so important?  It cleans the intestinal tract day by day making the intestinal lining more reachable for the wholesome nutrition.  As more and more debris is removed, you will feel the difference.

Now, you are probably thinking that is a lot to take.  It might look like a lot. But it will turn into routine increasing your overall wellness.  Implementing those health supplements won't feel like much effort after a while.

Important to know is that it takes your cells, and we have 100 billions of them, approximately three months to reprogram themselves.  So, give it time.  Don't expect miracles within days.

The more you avoid flour, sugar, pasta and rice and eat a lot of salads, vegetables, potatoes with meat or fish you will feel more energetic.  For drastic health improvements even consider a body detox.

This is just an example of a general health nutrition routine.  Certain ailments require adjustments here and there or the implementation of other health supplements or foods.  If you are dealing with a condition and you are not sure which food or health supplements would best benefit you, please contact me through the contact page.

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