Healthy Hair with Aloe Vera Gel

Healthy Hair with body and shine is what most of us do want.  But it isn't always only the shampoo that can give us dull-looking hair.  How you care for your hair and how you care for your internal body also have an impact on the look and feel of your hair as well.  Dandruff, for instance, can easily be controlled with an alkaline-rich diet.  So, if your hair is important to you, start selecting the best ingredients for your hair.  And on top of that choose natural products which promote the release of toxins so your scalp can breathe.

The connection between healthy hair and scalp and aloe vera gel can be linked to the many active nutrients found in pure aloe vera gel.  To this day scientists have isolated over 200 healing compounds, and while pure aloe vera gel and juice have such a huge impact on our overall health it wouldn’t be a surprise that it would also promote healthy scalp and hair.  Aloe Vera Gel offers your hair and scalp moisture and nutrition.  Massaged gently into the scalp it will help the scalp breathe and release toxins which otherwise would stay trapped.


Pure Aloe Vera Gel has long been known for its body cleansing action.  So while it cleanses the scalp it gets rid of dead cells unplugging hair follicles allowing for healthy and improved hair growth.  This is especially important for those people who seem to be going bald.  While most people blame balding on genetics, it also has a lot to do with the accumulation of acidic waste plugging up hair follicles. For some reason men are more prone to this problem just as women are more prone to orange-skin (cellulite) around the hip area.  It is believed that balding could be slowed down with a body-toxin removal diet and daily invigorating head massages with pure aloe vera gel.

Oily or Dry Skin

Aloe Vera Gel is very high in alkalines balancing our ph internally as well as externally.  It also breaks down an overaccumulation of sebum balancing the ph level of the scalp. This is especially important for those people who seem to suffer from oily scalp.  On the contrary, a dry scalp and hair can also be linked to an inbalanced scalp ph. Sometimes it can also be linked to your choice of haircare products.  But even for dry hair and skin, aloe vera gel seems to be the answer as it helps hair retain moisture, open the pores and allow toxins to escape from within the scalp.


The Native Americans used aloe vera gel to protect their body from insect bites and they used it to calm down the skin when bitten by a insect or when having an allergic reaction from a plant.  Aloe Vera Gel has anti-pruritic properties which alleviate itching.  Often aloe vera gel is applied to a insect bite to calm down the bite area.  This is also true for the scalp.  Conditions such as psoriasis respond very well to aloe vera gel applications.  While aloe vera gel destroys excessive dead cells that cause the itching, it cleanses the scalp creating ph balance for scalp and hair and promoting healthy hair.


Dandruff and a itchy, scaly scalp can be very annoying.  While some people claim the cause of dandruff to be due to dry scalp, some doctors attribute the condition to a fungus that lives on the scalp.  A third theory even speaks of an internal allergy to a certain food.  A body detox focused on ph-balanced nutrition can get rid of all dandruff as it cleanses the entire body and balances the ph.  Aloe Vera Gel applied daily ontop of your scalp and massaged into your scalp will cleanse the scalp, get rid of dead skin cells and balance the ph.  Its cleansing and ph-balancing properties will promote shiny hair and reduce or even eliminate dandruff.  If you have severe dandruff consider adjusting your diet and taking additional alkalines such as blue green algae, for instance.


How to apply aloe vera gel to scalp and hair

Treat your scalp before bedtime

Squeeze a good amount of aloe vera gel onto your fingers massaging it into your scalp using small circular motions. The gel will be absorbed into scalp and hair and won't stain your pillows such as an oil would.  Now, if you have itchy scalp and dandruff you can also apply small amounts of the gel several times throughout the day.  Make sure you are using gel straight from the plant or from a manufacturer who can guarantee a high-quality product without any chemical additives.

Treat your hair before and/or after hairdrying

Aloe Vera Gel can be applied into the wet hair before drying it.  It can also be put into the hair after hairdrying for additional moisture and shine.  Start by using only small amounts.  If you use too much your hair might look sticky. Apply sparingly and increase later.  Learn more about pure aloe vera gel.

Home-made aloe vera shampoo for healthy hair and scalp

Have you ever made your own aloe vera shampoo?  I have taken the basic shampoo recipe and added aloe vera gel and a few other natural ingredients that support healthy hair and scalp.  If you are interested in trying out this aloe vera shampoo, you can find the recipe on the home-made aloe vera shampoo page.  

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