Gain a Healthy Liver with
Pure Aloe Vera Juice

A healthy liver can perform its many life-important functions most properly.  The liver cleanses the blood making sure that toxins are neutralized.  It also produces gall bladder fluids which are important for the metabolism of fat.  Furthermore in stores glucose by converting it into glycogen. 

The liver is connected to the pancreas and gall bladder.  It directs a portion of the waste materials into the bile.  Bile helps to eliminate waste and fat to render it soluble facilitating digestion.

Unfortunately, western diets rich in acids and low in alkalines, overeating, alcohol abuse can all put a lot of stress on the digestive system and especially on the liver.  Body toxin build-up within the digestive system also lowers our defense against foreign invadors, the fighting force, also known as the immune system.  This opens the door for foreign invaders.  Chronic overeating, alcohol abuse and stress can lean to certain liver problems.  Did you know that fatique is a the liver's cry for help? A medical doctor once told me that disease always starts in the digestive tract.  If it doesn’t work properly it slows down all the other systems as well.

Some signs that our liver isn't working properly or can't handle the work load are nausea and vomiting, loss of appetite, pain in the upper right quadrant (the location of the liver), muscle weakness and sudden weight loss.

What can you do when you suspect some sort of liver weakness

No time to panic yet.  Get a diagnosis from your doctor.  It might just be a digestive issue.  Even if it is just that, take it as a warning signal and start practicing preventive care.  Take good care of your digestive system as the digestive system is also the heart of your immune system.  If you carry a lot of build-up around with you which inhibits proper functioning of the different digestive system organs you also have a limited-working immune system.  Gain the knowledge how to increase your digestion the healthy way and boost your immune system.  Why not start today to gain a healthy liver again?

Aloe Vera Juice Benefits
to support a healthy liver

Aloe Vera Juice comes with a long list of incredible healing benefits.  It is therefore no surprise that liver problems can be improved with the daily consumption of pure aloe vera juice and healthier eating habits.  

Aloe Vera Juice benefits people with liver problems in several ways :  It assists the liver in neutralizing acids into neutral salts.  It reduces build up and helps remove old build-up. This is extremely important as build-up can be considered the perfect breathing ground for diseases.  For the removal of build-up aloe vera juice along with ph-friendly eating habits is your easiest and body-friendliest method.   Aloe Vera Juice has shown to increase overall digestive functions.  It fights constipation and gives the colon a gentle rinse without removing important bacteria and without causing diarrhea.  

Aloe Vera also contains polysaccharides that act as rejuvenators renewing cells. As old build-up is removed cells that have been dormant are being rejuvenated. Furthermore it contains anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal agents which help fight foreign invadors.  Aloe Vera Juice has such a strong impact on your health that it even improved the immune system of HIV patients very positively.  Now, just imagine what it could do for your liver if it is capable of helping very ill people.    You can read about the it here.

Liver Problems
in connection with Alcohol abuse

Alcohol is converted in the liver to a non-hazardous substance. If the amount of alcohol is low, the liver can metabolize it effortlessly.   Chronic alcohol abuse will damage a healthy liver.  Eventhough the liver can regenerate itself, alcoholism may eventually lead to the slow death of the liver, the so-called liver cirrhosis.  Alcohol abuse isn't the only cause of liver cirrhosis.  There are many causes. The three most common one are alcohol abuse, a fatty liver and hepatitis C.

Not every person abusing alcohol dies of cirrhosis, and not every person diagnosed with a fatty liver will be diagnosed with liver cirrhosis.  In liver cirrhosis healthy liver tissue is transformed into scartissue, and scartissue regardless where it is, is extremely hard to get rid of.

So instead of continuing your unhealthy lifestyle and wonder what could happen, start doing something today to help your liver work more optimally again.  Give your liver a helping hand by no longer overloading the workload.  Learn how to gently detox your body and consider a more ph-friendly way of eating.  Support your liver's health with a daily glass of pure aloe vera juice, a ph-friendly diet and some exericse..

  • A gentle body detox consists of regular meals that are ph-balanced, supported with nutritional supplements such as Barley Grass or Superbluegreen Algae to help support a healthy liver and to help the body keep its mineral depositories in bones, capillaries, scalp, etc, filled and not emptied.  
  • Drink daily aloe vera juice to continuously remove unwanted build-up and to continuously help the liver do its job and to offer it strength to rebuild and to perform its functions optimally.
  • Study ph-balanced nutrition guides.  Stay away from foods or meals that are too acidic or limit its consumption.  Consider planning your meals with 70% of alkaline foods and only 30% acidic foods. Learn to balance your meals to limit toxin build-up in your body.  You may use a ph-balance cook-book or guide-book for that.  This will help out your liver a great deal.

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