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Help needed by sharing your knowledge and helping others

When I firsted started this webpage I was just really excited about the healing success I witnessed by using aloe vera juice and gel. With time I learned how to further increase the healing effects by combining it with other nutritional supplements, herbs, and wholesome foods. 

Most people think they actually eat healthy without realizing they are being fed all kinds of health-damaging food additives. One of the health organizations big worries are the increase of resistence to antibiotics.  Resistence to antibiotics also means an immune system not working properly.  

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Gain the Knowledge to make the Difference and share it with people that you care about

Being a Massage Therapist & Holistic Healthcare Practitioner I naturally come in contact with a lot of people.  Whether they see me for a massage or anti-stress treatment or whether they seek my advice in other areas of health, every single one of them comes to see me for a reason.  The people that I  help are just a small fraction of people in this world.

Have you ever sat in the waiting area of your doctor's practice?  People come and people go.  Many of them have conditions that can be controlled or eliminated through holistic healthcare.  How do I know that? Well, I know that if the body gets the right ingredients it knows how to heal itself.  If it gets the wrong ingredients it destroys itself.  My old doctor in Sandy, Utah once said to me that he was going to quit the medical profession and go after his hobby: being in nature and observing animals.  When I asked him why he did not want to be a doctor anymore, he said:  Too many people come in my practice for unnecessary reasons, reasons they could manage themselves.  

When I heard that I realized that what we truly need is doctors who educate us how to become healthy again instead of prescribing us pills to reduce symptoms.  This is a serious problem in todays society.  We are lacking the knowledge.  Many diseases out there that eventually lead to death aren't really deadly. That is when I realized for the first time that there is serious help needed and that is why I became a Holistic Healthcare Practitioner offering people a helping hand in finding alternative healing options. Medical Research has showed us its effectiveness through ongoing medical studies.

So two years after originally starting out with my website I added this help needed page as it is my wish to connect with people who:

  • who are interested in learning more about holistic healthcare and how it could affect their health and the health of people they care about.
  • who want to improve their health or that of somebody they care about.
  • who are interested in helping others by educating them
  • who already know about aloe vera or if not are willing to learn about it and what other products it can be combined with to achieve maximum results.
  • who can see themselves become aloe vera ambassadors.

So, in essence this is an invitation to start a quest with the goal in mind to help others, not pushing a product but teaching how to improve their health dramatically, especially if someone is sick, and therefore also improve the quality of life. 

This can only be done if you are convinced about aloe vera and know how this incredible healing plant can be combined with other nutritional products to achieve exceptional healing benefits.  You can benefit from this in two ways:

  • There is truly no greater reward than to help someone become healthy again.  For people who have never been really sick, this might not have such a great meaning.  But essentially, health is the most important aspect in life.  
  • Plus, you will be rewarded for your efforts in helping another person.  This could mean that you will get a substantial discount on your own aloe vera products having to pay a lot less for your own health or even get it for free.  
  • And for those who are very enthusiastic they might even be able to build a second income while helping others.

I am not selling you a business opportunity here with my help needed page but an opportunity to change your life and that of others. It is my priority to help others become healthy by educating them.  Otherwise I would run an add how to get rich overnight with spectacular products.  Not my idea, not my thing.  It is about helping.  Whatever you do with that is up to you.

If my help needed page has sparked your interest, I encourage you to visit my entire page to learn more about aloe vera if you haven't done so already.  If you have a question in regards to aloe vera uses, if you are trying to improve your health or just have a basic question in regards to this help needed page, feel free to contact me.

In essence it it always important to believe in something if you are trying to educate someone about it. That is why I do recommend that you try aloe vera juice or gel yourself.  You need to be able to speak from your heart when offering your help to someone else.  When I first found out about aloe vera juice and gel, I immediately tried it out on all family members and friends for all kinds of conditions and illnesses.  The amazing effects convinced me.

High quality aloe vera products are not cheap, and that is why I recommend that you truly are knowledgable how to use it to get the most of it.  Most of my pages do offer instructions how to use it.

How to start the journey

Ask yourself what you want to change about your own health.  Do you want to lose some weight?  Do you need more energy during athletic activity? Do you have diabetes and are looking to lower your glucose levels in the blood naturally?  Do you want to improve your digestion? Improve immune system functions, maybe?  Or are you suffering of springtime allergies?  Do you want healthier-looking skin? And on and on.

Send me a message if I can help you put something together that would best suit your needs. You can get the products at a 15% discount off the regular price. To get the 15% discount you have to register at the business site.   Choose your country on the left top corner and hit join on the right hand side.  Enter my referring ID 001002421463 and then you are all set.  Upon registering I will contact you to help you get the most out of it and answer any questions you may have.  Register here.

If you are not satisfied with the products you can return them for a refund.  If you are happy with the results you can take that experience and build your own reference of personal research.  Your own feed-back and the feed-back of the people you care about will build your credibility.

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