Natural Hemorrhoid Treatment

An effective hemorrhoid treatment prescribed by doctors is often a hemorrhoidal cream shrinking the inflammed veins at the rectal area. Most often those hemorrhoids will dissappear within a few days. Sometimes they can be more stubborn. Those irritable veins are a sign that the body's digestive system is no longer balanced, not getting enough water and fibers from fruit and vegetables making the elimination process very difficult.  Some hemorrhoids are internal, others are external.

What is causing hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids are often enough a side effect of a diet lacking enough fluids and alkaline-rich foods such as fruit and vegetables, for instance. Now, if we add stress and lack of exercise on top of that we restrict bowel movements even further.  As the bowel is trying to exit through the anus it is too firm, too solid and causes stress on the rectum.   This stress can cause internal as well as external hermorrhoids.  These hemorrhoids can be painful.

A natural hemorrhoid treatment

There are probably many different remedies to get rid of stubborn hemorrhoids.  If you are suffering from minor external hemorrhoids, the daily application of pure aloe vera gel to the affected area several times per day, especially after every visit to the bathroom can help those veins shrink down to its original size again.  

If you are suffering from a severe case of hemorrhoids involving internal hemorrhoids that are bleeding you might want to consider visiting your doctor.  Blood in your stool can also points to certain ailments. Nevertheless, if passing stool does hurt, you probably have internal hermorrhoids.  Many times internal hemorrhoids can be cleared up with a gentle body cleanse to balance the body's ph with aloe vera juice and ph-balanced nutiriton.  

  • Drink at least eight ounces of pure aloe vera juice per day and consider an alkaline-rich diet.  This means a lot of vegetables and fruits.  They contain a lot of fiber and produce a soft stool.  But why aloe vera juice?  Pure aloe vera juice contains over 200 active healing ingredients.  One of the big jobs of aloe vera is to cleanse the intestinal tract of build-up in the most gentle possible way.  In addition to cleaning the intestines and allowing for nutrients to be absorbed more effectively, aloe vera juice also contains anti-inflammatory compounds.  This means that it will offer the immune system additional assistance in reducing the inflammation.  Watch your diet carefully.  Stay away from heavy foods and white flour products until your hemorrhoids are healed up.
  • Get some pure aloe vera gel.  Aloe vera gel is a naturally cooling gel but if you want to you may also put your tube of gel into the refrigerator to cool it down even more.  Squeeze out a good amount of aloe vera gel onto your fingers and massage it into the hemorrhoid tissue that is inflamed, internally or externally.  Keep re-applying several times per day, especially after you have been to the bathroom.  You may also consider a sitz-bath with a good amount of pure seasalt.  If you fill your bathtub with about 3 inches of very warm water you want to add half a cup of seasalt.

How to prevent future hemorrhoids

Water plays an important role in moving waste through the colon.  As a matter of fact the colon absorbs a lot of fluid.  The less fluid you drink the harder the stool.  Another major factor plays the amount of fibers you get on a daily basis.  So, always drink plenty of water and eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. Consider an alkaline-friendly diet. This means that you watch your body's ph more closely.  A ph-friendly diet is truly your best friend because you will never have digestive issues and you most likely won't have to look up natural hemorrhoid treatment remedies.  On top of that pure aloe vera juice will continously provide you with all the nutrition and additional healing compounds increasing digestion, your immunity, your vitality all together.  

Don't try to force your stool out of your body.  If you feel that you are getting constipated again, ask yourself what it is that could cause it.  Have you had at least 2 liters of water per day?  Have you eaten plenty of fiber? Too much stress maybe?

Stress can tense up abdominal muscles and muscles within the digestive tract.  Loosening up those muscles with a gently stomach massage or an energy treatment to unblock stagnated energy in the digestive system can do wonders.  You may even consider deep breathing exercises to relax the digestive system.  Here is a page that teaches you about the most important breathing exercises.  

Drink your water, eat plenty of fiber daily, avoid too much white flour and sugar and consider deep breathing exercises to relax your digestive system.

If you are not successful with your natural hemorrhoid treatment you should probably seek the help of a physician.  

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