how to fight adrenal fatigue

If you want to learn how to fight adrenal fatigue, you need to learn how different aspects of your lifestyle choices can affect this condition.

Adrenal Fatigueis a condition induced by chronic stress altering the function of the adrenal glands.  They have several duties but most importantly they release hormones like cortisol, DHEA and epinephrine to respond to stress in order to regulate the heart rate and the immune system, for instance.  So, if you are suffering of stress for a longer period of time, your adrenal glands become overstimulated and begin to weaken, unable to do their job as adequately as they should.

Possible Symptoms

Many Adrenal Fatigue Sufferers complain of fatigue, unable to rest at night, getting up tired.  They just really feel overwhelmed especially with stressful situations.  They are unable to motivate themselfs to do things or go places.  They might also feel dull and lack serious focus making it sometimes difficult to complete tasks.

They might have cravings for salty foods and sweet foods, have respiratory complaints, complain of back pain or ongoing muscle tension, low sex drive, allergies and might even have some weight gain issues.

If you have an overload of toxins in your body you can experience the same symptoms.  Sometimes, changing one's diet and supplementing with high-quality nutritional products will not only release some toxins but also help the body cope with stress more effectively.

Understanding adrenal fatigue

The first stage of adrenal fatigue is a common reaction to stress that could cause some sleep pattern interruptions but many people never advance to the next stage as their stress diminishes and allows the body to work optimally again.

Once you deal with chronic stress and leap over into the next stage certain hormones are starting to drop such as the sex hormones.  This will also explain why some people experience a low libido when trying to manage their stress.  This might also be the onset of occassional feeling of exhaustion.

The next stage will decrease hormone functions even lower.  Your sex drive might drop even more and you might start to feel signs of low motivation.  You might also feel a lot more tired.  Some Adrenal Fatigue Sufferers might also notice an increase in infections.  If the alarming symptoms are ignored at this point, it can eventually lead to the actual burn-out.  The Burn-out Syndrom is a serious condition.  As todays life demands so much from us we don't know anymore how to turn off to find inner harmony again.

how to Fight adrenal fatigue and gain inner harmony again

How to fight Adrenal Fatigue, a debilitating condition that tells us that our body is out of harmony. 

A toxin and heavy-metal overloaded body cannot function as it should and also can't absorb the nutrition it is supposed to to prevent conditions like adrenal fatigue.  If you want to know how to fight adrenal fatigue properly, you must consider one thing:  Heavy metals in your food, heavy metals in your water, heavy metals in your medication.  They are everywhere and they alter brain function and how you deal with stress.

Where do we get toxins and heavy metals from?

Drinking water, medication, pestizides, food additives, air pollution, cleaning solutions, x-rays, electrosmog from computers and cellphones, etc.  The absolute best way to have that removed from your body is through a natural crystal called Zeolith.  Zeolith has the ability to pull toxins our of tissue, bind them and flush them out like not anyother compound.  Importance is that you drink plenty of water throughout the day so these chemicals and bodytoxins can be removed most efficiently.

The best Zeolith I found on the market is this one below:

  • How to fight adrenal fatigue with the right nutritional supplement.  Adrenal Fatigue usually shows a deficiency in the b vitamins, calcium and magnesium, and Vitamin D.  Vitamin B-5, B-6 and B-12 are of high importance.   Aloe Vera Juice can help with this condition because it softly cleanses the intestines and therefore allows for better nutrition absorption.   A Wonderful Vitamin B source is bee pollen.  Last but not least proper amounts of calcium and magnesium and vitamin D are essential.  The proportions of calcium and magnesiium should be 2:1.
  • Learn how to fight adrenaline fatigue by reducing sugar.  Sugar, as good as it might taste, it really isn't that good for us.  To metabolize sugar, the body needs a lot of minerals, minerals it also needs for other important bodily functions. If the body needs them to metabobilize sugar, where will it get it to fight stress? Drink a glass of water everytime you have a craving.  Eat more fruit and vegetables.  Stay away from products that contain white flour as much as possible.  You will notice a difference as your body can use nutrition to help you gain inner balance instead of using the nutrition to metabolize sugar and flour.
  • Don't underestimate the power of water.  Water is necessary to keep your body in balance.  Every single cell depends on the right amount of water.  Even the spine works much more efficient if it is lubricated.  Hormones are regulated much more effectively,  Muscles need them to reduce adhesive tissues.  The brain  depends on proper hydration.  If your brain doesn't get adequate amount of water, braincells lose their efficiency. 
  • Exercise is always an important aspect of healing.  Consider easy exercising that allows you to breathe in deeply and exhale.  This could be going for walks breathing in the fresh air.  Or consider deep breathing exercises or yoga.  Important is that you start slowly and never overexert yourself.
  • Mental wellness.  Improving our mental state consist of a wide spectrum of possiblities.  Do you take time to relax? Do you feel your body?  Do you know how to communicate with your inner self to address certain issues?  These are all important questions you should ask yourself.  Freeing yourself of stress that is nestled deep within your body can free your mind and spirit.  There are a long list of wonderful techniques that help you find peace and quietness, such as:
  1. Deep Relaxation Massage
  2. Meditation
  3. Energy Healing
  4. The Healing Code

The Healing Code is a wonderful self-help technique that encourages you to go deep down to find the emotional or mental triggers of stress guiding you to release them from your subconscious mind.

How to fight adrenal fatigue with the help of the healing code

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