How to improve digestion

While most of us probably know how to improve digestion, our cravings for sweets, breads and pasta are sometimes stronger than the will to eat plenty of alkalines (fruits and vegetables).  On top of that, stress, depression, anger and many other negative feelings can cause us to eat unhealthy.  And instead of drinking plenty of water necessary for the elimination process, we eat and eat and eat, and so the healthy balance is thrown off, and the digestive system starts to slow down.  We become irregular, deal with constipation and its many unpleasant side effects.

Constipation is a digestive disorder that seems to be a very common mild form of digestive dysfunction that millions of people are faced with.  Over-the-counter constipation relief medication is the top-runner of medications sold at pharmacies in Northamerica as well as Europe.  This means that an enormous amount of people are constantly looking to reduce constipation issues.  This also means that millions of people don't practice healthy eating habits, don't drink enough water and most likely deal with too much stress.

constipation - a common disorder of today's society

Out of the many different digestive disorders, constipation is the most common one.  Eventhough it is a mild form of a digestive system dysfunction  it shouldn’t be ignored as prolonged constipation can lead to more serious conditions.

There are three main causes of constipation :  Not eating balanced meals, not getting enough fluids and on top of that choosing the wrong ones, and having to put up with too much stress.  All of these can reduce the efficiency of the digestive system.  Not enough fiber in our diet and not drinking the recommended amount of water will harden the stool. This makes it very difficult to pass the stool through the digestive tract.  Now adding stress to all of this doesn’t help one bit.  Stress puts tension on the colon, tightening it and making it very diffcult to pass feces.

improve digestion with a secret ingredient from the past

Constipation is one of the top digestive disorders.  It sounds like nothing major but it is a sign that the digestive tract is slowing down, and when it slows down there is room for other conditions to develop. Even a simple headache can sometimes be traced back to a sluggish digestive system. Most people don't like to run to their doctors just to reduce constipation issues.  They either run to the pharmacy to get a quick fix or try to solve the digestive issues themselves.  

Pure Aloe Vera Juice is one of the natural rememdies proven to be most effective in reducing constipation and balancing the health of the digestive tract.  It was already used in Ancient Egypt to balance internal health.  Pure aloe vera juice is loaded with over 200 active healing compounds.  It naturally improves the body’s ph level which helps us gain internal balance.  It is a mild digestive system cleanser removing old build-up from within the walls of the colon.  It naturally detoxes the body giving us further power to get rid of toxic waste trapped within our digestive system.  Some people report an increase in their digestive functions after only one glass of aloe vera juice.  

Dr. Bruce Eric Hedendal writes about the effects of orally-consumed aloe vera juice in an article.:"Urinary indican values decreased, indicating lowered bowel bacterial conversion of tryptophan and possible improved protein digestion and absorption, as well as reduced bowel putrefaction. This change, by itself, could help prevent colon cancer."

improve digestion by praciticing healthy life-style habits

If you want to know how to improve digestion then eating balanced meals is essential.  Getting plenty of fruits and vegetables that are high in alkalines is very important.  Most fruit and vegetables have high amounts of them with a few exceptions.  You can google alkaline and acid food lists to get a good idea which foods are high in alkalines.  If you are drinking your daily aloe vera you can be sure that you are getting a lot of alkalines, nutrition and healing compounds you wouldn't otherwise get from eating fruits alone.  

Since our soil is depleted of important minerals, nutritional supplementation is necessary.  You can further support your health and improve digestion by taking a nutritional supplement before your major meals such as bee pollen or barley grass mixed with wheat grass. Both of them are considered superfoods and will provide you with additional natural minerals and vitamins necessary to neutralize toxins and to promote healthy digestion.  

Be aware that not only the food you eat can affect your digestion but also the stresses you have to put up with.  If you are dealing with lots of stress, consider massages or breathing exercises to help you relax. Once you start to realx and let all the worries go away, your digestive tract will know how to relax as well.

improve digestion with a gentle body cleanse

Learn how to improve digestion with the help of a gently body cleanse that will remove old build-up and help the body function as optimally as possible.  A gentle body cleanse will offer you smart food combinations all high in minerals allowing your body to eliminate build-up and speeding up your digestion.  It is simple and will improve your overall state of wellness significantly.  For more information, visit the body cleanse page.

Some people report about diarrhea after aloe vera juice intake.  This often depends on the manufacturing and the quality of the product and whether particles of the leaf got mixed into the juice.  Purchasing a quality product over a cheap product from the super market could make the difference.

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