A  Natural Menopause Treatment

Every woman will eventually seek an effective menopause treatment.  While some will be hit with all the possible symptoms, others will go through these changing years with little complaints.  Oh, well the lovely menopause.  If we could only wipe them out completely.  We don’t know when they start and when they end.  We just have to ride it to the end and accept its many symptoms such as mood swings, hot flushes, weight gain, fatigue, vaginal dryness or itching, signs of incontinence, hair growth in areas more dominant in men.  The question is now, do we really have to accept these symptoms to be part of our daily lifes or are there measurements we can take without harming the body?

If you are experiencing a sudden onset of one or two of these symptoms, then maybe you are heading towards menopause.  Remember though, every woman is different.  You don't have to have all those symptoms or you might experience a symptom for another reason.  

Menopause is actually considered the time when women are without a period for at least 12 months.  The time before that, the perimenopause is a time when certain symptoms start to make itself noticable such as irregular bleeding pattern, mood changes, weight gain, etc.  The hormones are no longer in balance. Most often the progesterone levels drop and the estrogen rise

There are still plenty of women who opt for hormonal replacement therapy to get their hormonal imbalance somewhat stabilized helping them reduce some of the aggitating symptoms.  Unfortunately hormonal replacement therapy has also been linked to breast cancer.  Again, not everyone that undergoes hormonal replacement therapy will develop breast cancer.  Nevertheless, there is a certain risk involved.

a menopause treatment from nature's garden

An effective Menopause Treatment doesn't necessarily mean that you have to commit to synthetic drugs to balance hormones.  Mother earth has bestowed us with everything we need.  We just need to know what it is and how to best integrate it into our daily diets.  There are actually quite a few herbs that are thought to balance hormones.  I am not going to go over every single herb that has a positive effect on menopause.  

I am going to explain to you the role aloe vera juice plays in the balancing health of your body.  I will also introduce you to some nutritional products that will respond well in conjunction with aloe vera juice and can reduce those symptoms significantly.  These herbal remedies have shown to be effective but again, every woman is different, and of course  there is no absolute guarantee that it will be completely effective.  But considering the agitating symptoms of menopause I would try out a healthy alternative anytime before I use synthetic drugs or not use anything at all.

pure aloe vera juice - cleansing and balancing

The human body is meant to perform optimally if we feed it the right stuff.  Unfortunately, the wrong dietary choices, stress, environmental toxins, etc have a big influence on our health creating build-up within our body.  This is due to the fact that the acids collected cannot be metabolized efficiently, and what is left in the body stays in the body, known as nasty build-up.  This build-up can also affect the hormonal balance a great deal. And when our body has build-up it doesn’t respond to herbal remedies as effectively.  So the best way to start a natural menopause treatment is by gently removing this build up by consuming daily amounts of pure aloe vera juice.  But the ability to cleanse and balance aren't the only benefits of aloe vera.  The list is almost endless.  But besides cleansing, there is one significant aspect of aloe vera benefits which is closely related to the hormones.  A study published in « Archives of Pharmacal Research » shows that aloe vera activates estrogen receptors.  This process senses the presence of estrogen and responds to it.

With this in mind, a daily glass of aloe vera juice or even a soft body cleanse would offer you greater balance.  The less toxin build-up you have inside of your body, the more efficient your hormonal system can be.

royal gelly  -  a luxurious superfood

Royal Gelly is produced by the Nurse Bees to be given to the Queen.  It is a natural substance, but very limited, thus making it quite expensive. It is loaded with nutrition and has been used effectively against many diseases.  Because of that the pharmaceutical industry felt threatened about it and claimed it didn't do much for the health of humans.  The truth is just the opposite. 

Royal Jelly has been one of the most effective remedies for hormonal imbalances.  Many women, who have opted for a natural menopause treatment, have given royal jelly a try and have reported great success with its daily use.  

Royal Jelly contains natural DHEA, including progesterone and a safe form of estrogen.  Tests done on women with hot flashes showed immediate results.  But hot flashes aren't the only symptoms of menopause.  Most women experience difficulty sleeping, a weakening bladder, moodswings,  even migraines.  A healthy diet and exercise will help balance hormones but it won't do the whole job.  Royal Jelly can provide you with the missing link so your body can feel as a Whole Unit again.  

maca root - the powerfood from the incas

If you are allergic to bee products or your symptoms simply did not improve a great deal, there are of course quite a few herbal remedies that can balance the female hormones naturally.  Amongst the many to choose from I have decided to introduce you to the Maca Root because for once, there are no upleasant side-effects except that it might keep you awake if you take it too late in the evening.  

Maca Root is considered a medicinal herb because of its health-balancing effects it has on the human body.  It grows iin the Andes of Peru.  The people of Peru have been eating maca root for several reasons. It is said to increase our energy and endurance and stimulate our overall health and wellness providing us with plenty of B-vitamins and minerals.  Maca Root is considered one of the most effective herbal remedies to balance female hormones.  It does that by stimulating the hypothalamus and pituitary gland creating an incredibly intelligent connection between the two glands.  The pituitary gland only releases the amount of hormones the body needs.  So it never overstimulates or understimulates the release of hormones.

Whether you include  Royal Jelly or Maca Root into your daily menopause treatment regimen is up to you. Make sure you include daily amounts of aloe vera juice as the juice also acts as a turbo charger.  This means that it will transport the royal jelly or the maca root to its intended destination at super speeds and the effects will be doubled.  

the importance of water

There at least 10 benefits why we should make water our number one choice of beverage.  Unfortunately, many of us do suffer from dehydration, even if it is just a mild case.  Dehydration can cause some disturbance to our hormonal system.  So while dehydration is certainly not the main cause for having menopausal symptoms, getting the adequate amount of water daily will have an effect on your over-all health.  So when you design your natural menopause treatment plan make sure you inlude a lot of water.

Stress can worsen hormonal imbalances

For a menopause treatment to be truly effective, the are other aspects to consider.  The ideal balance between estrogen and progesterone is important to a optimal-functioning body.  One of the symptoms of menopause or even perimenopause are low progesterone levels which of course can be elevated with some natural products as mentioned above.

There is another aspect of your health that can affect your progesterone levels and that is stress, especially chronic stress.  You can really do your hormones a big favor if you try to control certain aspects of life to keep your stress under control.  You may even consider some massage therapy to calm down your nervous system.

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