by Thangarajan

Two years ago I had a severe ortho- problem and my doctor who treated me diagnosed as 'REACTIVE ARTHRITIS"-a side effects of some other medicine which was administered for me .
Once discharged from the hospital a relative of mine who called on me at recommended to take aloe vera gel to combat my ortho- problem.
I started taking this gel unwillingly.After a weeks' time I found I was recovering from my ortho pain .
Now I am growing my own aloe vera in pots and there are seven of them at my terrace garden and two full leaves will last for a weeks time .I am very comfortable with this .I apply the gel sticking on the peeled leaf on my face hands shoulder and my knees. I find remarkable improvement in the skin texture and my knee pain is under control and my low back pain which was bothering also lessened

I staret advicing all my friends to use aloe vera in any form for their health,Skin,hair,boils/acne,skin diseaases,to cool the body and even for bladder/kidney problem.
What is more, those who are interested and really want to grow one , I give from my stock (each mother plant has six /seven siblings)

I shall send some pictures later

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