a Natural Acne Treatment

In the search of a natural acne treatment for my son, my research involving aloe vera gel and different skin conditions has also proven itself successful in trying to combat these annoying and ugly critters on face, neck, chest and back.  

Many acne sufferers know the ugly "symptoms" of growing up: clogged pores, infections that sometimes leave permanent scars, and a diminished self-esteem that may even permanently damage the psyche depending on the severity of the acne.  Over the counter creams or prescribed medication helps keep the acne sometwhat in control.  

Fortunately there is a natural remedy that proofs itself extremely effective. It is simple, cleansing and nourishing without harming the health because what you put on your skin will penetrate through the different layers of the skin and eventually end up inside your body. This fact right there should make your think twice what you will put on your skin now and in the future.

There is really no need to use expensive and chemical-loaden cremes to put on your skin.  Nature has provided us with the multi-talented Aloe Vera which will serve as the most effective natural acne treatment, not in one way but in two ways:  Applying pure aloe vera gel onto our skin in addition to drinking pure aloe vera juice to regulate the internal off-balance can dramatically increase overall health, therefore also improving the condition of our skin.  

If the acne is mild you can probably get away with using an aloe water for cleansing and an aloe vera gel to apply after your soft cleanse.  If your acne is pretty severe, then adding a daily glass of aloe vera juice and balancing your ph level would be important.  Read on below to find out more about the internal cleansing and its effects on your overall health but also on your skin.

Treat your skin with pure aloe vera gel
A simple and natural acne remedy

Skin disorders are often the visible distress call of our body that something isn’t working properly. Perhaps the metabolism has to work too hard or the hormones have gone haywire. But whatever it may be, it is not merely enough to fight the external symptoms.  The harmony of the body has to be addressed holistically.  This means internally as well as externally.  

Aloe Vera is known for its skin care properties for thousands of years.  Pure Aloe Vera Gel can be a very effective natural acne remedy treating pimples and purulent inflammations. The antiseptic aloe vera gel cleans the affected area gently without drying it out or causing  further harm.  The extremely moisturizing leaf gel of this desert plant supplies the skin with optimal biomaterials and acts soothing further alleviating feelings of tension. But this is just one side of Aloe Vera’s healing capabilities.

creating internal balance

to reduce the symptoms of acne

The topical treatment is obviously very important especially in reducing the appearance of acne and also reducing the risk of scarring.  But since our metabilism, our digestive system as well as our immune system (which is part of our digestive system) might become stressed during such hectic times of puberty, the internal intake of pure aloe ver ajuice has been proven to be very effective.  It naturally cleanses, increases our metabilism and digestion, promotes the elimination of toxins and of course strengthens the immune system.

In order to enhance our metabolism, our immune system functions, and to bring the digestive tract back into balance, the daily consumption of 4 ounces of pure Aloe Vera Juice will bring the detoxification and balancing process into motion.

The consumption of pure aloe vera juice along with the treatment of the affected skin will provide you with a gentle but effective treatment.  Many times, teenagers do not practice healthy eating habits. Therefore, aloe vera juice will provide them with a simple vitamin and mineral boost they migh be lacking.  Aloe Vera Juice or gel aren't drugs and therefore won't work miracles overnight.  Aloe Vera, in fact, is often referred to as the silent healer.  Daily intake of aloe vera juice and topical applicaton with aloe vera gel will show significant results within time.

An Effective natural acne treatment
Follow these 3 simple steps

This natural acne treatment has kept my son's acne in control.  Before we tried the aloe vera treatment we bought different over-the-counter lotions without any effect at all.  He has used the topical applications most of the time, and when we noticed an increase, I encouraged him to eat more fruits and less sugar and supplement with daily aloe vera juice.  Below you can see what the natural acne treatment plan looked like:

  • Cleanse your face with the pure aloe vera cleanser or the aloe activator in the evening before going to bed and in the morning after getting up.  
  • Drink one glass of pure aloe vera juice in the morning.  This helps the body eliminate toxins and reduce the risk of build-up within the body and under the skin.
  • Apply pure aloe vera gel onto face and any affected area.  It is very moisturizing and activates the skin cells.  Aloe vera gel doesn't clog pores and promotes the elimination of toxins.  The gel can be applied after the cleansing or several times throughout the day.  Make sure you are using a pure gel, either that from a mature plant or one from a manufacturer that produces a product close to that found within the leaf.  
  • In addition, you may also take alkaline baths twice a week.  They soften your skin, balance the ph of your skin and calm down the acne.  Fill your bathtub with warm water and add 5 tablespoons of baking soda.  Stay in the bathtub for at least 30 minutes.  

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