A natural allergy treatment

Are you looking for a natural allergy treatment to combat symptoms such as runny nose, difficulty breathing, swollen eyes, coughing, etc.? Then you are probably not alone.  Millions of people suffer from allergies, whether they are just seasonal allergies or allergies to foreign substances (allergens) which trigger such a reaction.

So why do we have an allergic reaction? The immune system thinks that the allergens are foreign invaders and therefore it releases antibodies.  These antibodies then attack the allergens.  The end result is an allergic reaction.

Some people have them, others don't.  Often it has to do with genetics.  If the parents have some sort of allergic reaction, there is a good chance that the child will also develop some sort of allergies.  That doesn't mean there is nothing we can do about it.  And before we opt for toxic medication there might be another alternative way to look at the whole picture.

If you are suffering from seasonal allergies and you are seeking a natural allergy treatment to combat pollen allergy,  I have dedicated an entire page to this topic. The hay fever page goes into detail how to combat seasonal allergies for good the natural and most effective way.

If you are suffering of a cat allergy, I have dedicated a page to this type of allergy and what might work in reducing the symptoms.

What role do your intestines play

Allergies are on the rise.  While some people blame its rise on environmental pollution, some scientists insist that the Western World pays such great attention to cleanliness, that our immune system cannot build enough antibodies anymore to fight off such foreign invadors and the bodies in fact become more sensitive.  

But another aspect not to ignore is our intestinal health.  How balanced is your intestinal health?  Do you have a balanced intestinal ecosystem?  What does that mean to have a balanced intestinal ecosystem? Simply being regular doesn't necessarily mean you intestinal flora contains all necessary good bacteria to fight off foreign invadors including allergens.

If you are seeking a natural allergy treatment, then providing your body with all the necessary probiotics, is of high importance.  Due to modern lifestyles and eating habits our probiotic balance can be severely off.  Cleaning our body off all debris would be the smartest option because it cleans out all the toxins and gives the body a new start.  This does  not have to be in form of a juice diet but simply by changing your eating habits for a while.  

A body cleanse will not only remove all body toxins but it can remove old issues that were stuck within muscles.  It can remove pain patterns.  You will feel a lot better, physically as well as emotionally and your sensibilities to certain foods or even allergens can decrease as well.  This gently cleanse is done with the help of pure aloe vera juice, a nutritional supplement that fits your needs and a diet high in alkalines. During this body cleanse which will remove a lot of old garbage we also need to rebuild our intestinal flora.  

In general a body detox can bring the intestinal balance a bit off.  Nevertheless, the body cleanse that I recommend to my clients doesn't necessarily bring the balance off.  As a matter of fact, since the new eating habits work on balancing the ph in the intestines, you will probably improve the intestinal flora. Immproved gut flora is good but an optimal ecosystem is our goal, so that is why we do want to add an exceptional probiotic supplement to build up our ecosystem.

While cleansing and rebuilding the intestinal health, i usually stay away from food such as yoghurt or live cultures found in yoghurt drinks as those are not alkaline foods at all.  Once the ph is balanced again, such foods can slowly be added again.

how to perform a natural allergy treatment

  • Consider a natural body cleanse.  Learn more...
  • Consider implementing aloe vera juice
  • Consider a nutritional supplement that best fits your needs
  • Consider a high-quality priobiotic supplement providing you with all strains of human probiotics

Sometimes we seem to get always sick.  We are always tired.  We might experience some rashes or have allergy symptoms.  This is usually a sign that something is off balance.  

One naturopath once told me that disease always starts in the gut.  In other words our health starts in our intestines. We need to take good care of them.  Eating a majority of foods that are metabolized into alkaline ash can increase our ph level, taking medication will drop it even more.  By committing to a soft body cleanse you are giving your body the opportunity to get rid of toxic waste and to reset itself. Cleaning the inside of the body can be the first step in offering it a natural allergy treatment.

Aloe Vera juice performs a long list of health-enhancing duties within your intestines.  It is loaded with all essential nutrition.  Besides it is an alkaline superfood and will help balance your intestinal flora.  Besides that, aloe vera juice has shown some amazing healing results with several ailments or conditions.  If you don't practice healthy eating, aloe vera juice won't make you completely healthy.  You certainly have to do your part too but it will enhance your healing experience and provide you with healing compounds you normally won't get from a daily diet.

In addition to your daily intake of aloe vera juice, consider a nutritional supplement to support your health.  Depending on your lifestyle, your stress, your personal needs, there are different nutritional supplements to choose from.  I still consider bee pollen one of the most effect nutritional supplements for seasonal allergies.  It contains a lot more quercetin than honey and has shown to be effective with other allergies, not just those to pollen.  Bee Pollen is also a superfood and will provide you with all the essential nutrition.

And most of all a high-quality probiotic supplement giving the body all strains of probiotic bacteria will be an important fact in committing to a natural allergy treatment.  A healthy intestinal flora balances your health on several levels.  Not having enough bacteria within your intestinal flora doesn't necessarily produce symptoms of pain or discomfort but having sufficient amounts of all necessary bacteria will make a difference on your overall health and how your immune system reacts to foreign invadors.

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