a Natural body cleanse to reset your body

An effective and at the same time natural body cleanse consists of the right combination of food, the right amount of fluids, the addition of superfood nutrition, smart skin and bodycare, plus movement and breathing, and stress reduction techniques

My natural body cleanse is a truly gentle way to get rid of acidic build-up and  heavy metals trapped within fatty tissue.  This is the only way to get rid of cellulite tissue.  But anything that rejuvenating takes time and cannot be achieved in a matter of 10 days.  At last, it didn't take you 10 days either to collect all that acid.  If you are truly serious about giving your body a new start, you need to consider at least 6-8 weeks for this process.  Sometimes it might even take a bit longer.  This of course all depends on how seriously acidic you are.

the three must-haves for a natural body cleanse

  • Aloe Vera Juice
  • Barley & Wheat Grass
  • A probiotic supplement of high quality
  • Mineral supplement and Vitamin D
  • plenty of antioxidants and vitamins (naturally or supplemented)

A natural body cleanse requires a ph-balanced meal plan.  In other words you leave out anything that creates build-up such as sugar, alcohol, flour and diary (except butter and heavy cream).  You will eat lots of different salads with an alkaline dressing, preferably olive oil and apple vinegar with natural herbs.  You can eat potatoes with butter and rawmilk cheeses, vegetables and occassionally a piece of meat but not more than twice a week.  Don't use any store-bought soups or sauce. You can eat almonds or some other nuts for a snack or drink almond milk in the afternoon, for instance.

Nutritional supplementation isn't a choice but a must to make sure that this elimination process doesn't rub our body of important minerals.  Aloe Vera Juice can be mixed into a daily green smoothie. Aloe Vera Juice will softly remove some build-up on a continuous basis while the grasses help remove heavy metals stored within fatty tissue.  Consider eating lots of organic fruit or an antioxidant power drink.

Drink plenty of water (still water only) and calming unsugared herbal teas during your natural body cleanse.  You can make your own tea by mixing two parts green tea, one part lemon grass and one part Mate tea.  Or you may consider a premixed aloe vera tea.

Exercise, movement, breathing is important as well.  You do need to activate the lymphatic system so the toxic build-up can be released.  Heavy exercising is not really your best bet during a body detox as you don't want to collect lactic acid.  We want to get rid of acid not collect more.  Choose to go for walks outside in the sun.  This will also provide your body with vitamin D.  Rollerblading and bikeriding is another option.  Dancing is another great way to activate the lymph.  Yoga in combination with trampoline jumping is another alternative.

Stress Management plays an important role in reducing toxin acculumation.  Learn what helps you manage stress.  This could be a bath and listening to relaxing music. It could be deep breathing exercises or yoga.  Or consider a hotstone massage to calm down the nervous system.

Skincare cannot be ignored during a body detox as the body is trying to release toxins through the pores of our skin as well.  So choose your skincare wisely.  Consider taking alkaline baths a couple times per week.  Use truly ph-friendly skincare and shampoos.

your first part

  • Drink eight ounces of pure Aloe Vera Juice about 45 minutes before breakfast and dinner. 
  • Take a probiotic with breakfast. 
  • Take a superfood supplements such as the barley and wheat grasses daily to help wash out the heavy metals. 
  • Consider taking some extra minerals in the evening before going to bed to refill your mineral deposits.  If your multiminerals contain vitamin D, you are okay.  If not, you should consider adding it, especially in the wintertime.  Be consistent with these supplements to get your body used to it.

It is also important to slowly wean yourself off acidic food.  Eliminate flour, pasta, sugar, alcohol from your diet.  Drink plenty of water.

If you are doing a fast cleanse you do this part of the cleansing for two weeks.  If you are doing an intensive cleansing, then you do this cleansing phase for six weeks.

your second part

Starting your third or your seventh week, depending on which body cleanse you choose, the fast one or the intensive one, you drink a glass of aloe vera juice 45 minutes before breafast, lunch and dinner. Except this week you don't eat dinner.  Instead you can eat a bigger afternoon snack.

The last week you only drink one glass of aloe vera juice 45 minutes before breakfast but keep up all the other supplements.

This will signal the body that your body cleanse is slowly coming to an end.

Optional: Consider a massage during your natural body cleanse.   Massages are not only relaxing but also help move toxins out of tissues. Exercising is important too but keep it to light exercising.  Too strenuous of acitivities could cause you to collect lactic acid which you need to avoid during this natural body cleanse. Drink plenty of still water throughout the day.  Stay away from sparkling water.  It is acidic.  Exercise lightly and use only natural ingredients on skin and scalp.

reduce stress by practicing deep breathing

Correct breathing affects the respiration of the cell itself which is controlled by the Autonomic Nervous System.  Its all about proper combustion, the supply of oxygen, and the elimination of carbon dioxide via the bloodstream and the lungs.

Always breathe deeply into the belly and exhale deeply from the belly.  Breathe in and out of your nose. 

What to do after your successful body cleanse

Upon completing your body cleanse you will probably have lost some weight.  Your skin and hair will look healthier.  Arthritic joints will probably feel more flexible and less painful.  You will feel a sense of overall wellness.

In order to stay healthy and keep cellulite levels low, keep spider veins and varicose veins away and feel balanced you might want to consider following ph-balanced nutrition.  You don't have to give up anything.  You can eat your favorite pasta, chocolates, meat, fish, etc as long as you stay balanced with your alkaline and acid levels.  Your alkalines should make up about 70% of your food and your acids about 30%.  If you know that you ate a pretty acidic lunch then just consider an alkaline dinner. 

Don't forget your supplements.  Consider aloe vera juice to continuously help the intestines do their job and a nutritional supplement to fill your gaps depending on your diet.  Consider superfood nutritional supplements such as bluegreen algae, green grasses or bee pollen.

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