a Natural body detox can perform miracles

A natural body detox is a process that encourages us to feed our body certain ingredients to help it get rid of acidic build-up. Cleansing the body of old debris, heavy metals, electrosmog offering it a chance to reset itself and to start at 0 again.  

A body cleanse isn't something that can be accomplished within a week or ten days.  Any program that rushes through the process promising the release of toxins after only two days doesn't offer a truly effective and natural body detox. At last it did not take you a week to be acidic, possibly overweight, slugghish and tired.  That was a process that took years.  Luckily, it won't take years to reverse it but you have to give it a good 6-8 weeks.  That is 6-8 weeks of adding some wonderful ingredients to your diet and leaving out some others that have created this overacitidy in the first place. 

what to expect from a natural body detox

A natural body cleanse is the best way to reset your body at 0.  It comes with many wonderful benefits:

  • It improves your digestion significantly, eliminating constipation which often leads to other body symptons such as headache or fatigue, for instance.
  • It stimulates your metabolism and balances your organsism.  This usually means that people who have had a hard time losing weight will now lose weight without problems.  This also means that people who are too thin because they can't seem to gain weight have now a properly functioning body and will gain some weight.
  • It gives you beautiful skin, nail and hair.
  • It removes debris that has clogged the intestinal lining, therefore improving nutrient absorption.
  • It significantly improves your immunity.
  • Removes body pains that were associated with body toxin accumulation.
  • It regulates your hormones and can ease premenstrual as well as menopausal symptoms.
  • It regulates all body systems and can therefore eliminate certain ailments or conditiions.
  • It removes candida, viruses, bacteria and stops cravings for certain foods.
  • It gives you more energy and vitality.

So, if you are reading this list, then maybe you have played with the thought of changing something about your health or finding a solution to feel better, healthier.

The Acid-alkaline regulatory system

The acid-alkaline regulatory system plays an important part in our well-being.  As the name implies, this important system regulates the acid-alkaline levels.  An optimal acid-alkaline balance will produce an optimal-working metabolism.   This most important regulatory system activates enzymes, bacteria and hormones and is responsible for maintaining the physiological functions of the blood.   It ensures that the body fluids are flowing and that the cells are supplied with nutrition and oxygen.  It also plays a major role in our digestion and our very important immune system.

The alkalinity and acidity is measured using the ph system.  The lower the ph, the more acidic we are.  Since our blood measures a constant ph of approximately 7.4, it is very beneficial to our health to stay within that range.  

During a body detox we are allowed to eat but we need to consider watching our ph.  This doesn't mean we have to constantly measure it.  We just need to know whats alkaline and whats acidic and avoid the heavy acidic foods during the period.

But even after the body cleanse we will have gotten used to our new diet, that we won't feel the need to implement all the "unhealthy food" anymore allowing our body to function at optimum level for a very long time.

Did you know that western diets contain on average about 70% acids and only about 30% alkalines.  This means that the body has to work very hard to keep the blood at its constant 7.4.  It reacts initially with increased water retention to dilute the acids.  Then it robs the body of important mineral deposits from bones, teeth, scalp and blood vessels so it can neutralize those acids.  The end product of this process are the actual toxins which then attach to muscles, joints, vascular walls, kidneys, gall bladder, etc.  Step by step important body functions are blocked, thus creating disorders.  A viscous cycle begins.

how the acid-alkaline balance affects our health

Stress, bad nutrition, processed food, lack of movement, nicotin, alcohol puts a lot of stress on the kidneys and makes our body acidic.  This can lead to acidosis and the onset of allergies, rheumatism, arthritic conditions, muscle pains, digestive issues, migraines, sleep disorders, impotence, degenerative brain conditions, etc....  Overacidity also makes itself visible on our skin.  Our skin looks tired, our scalp shows flakes.  We might even suffer from premature aging visible on our face, not to mention loss of hair, brittle nails and cellulite.  

These problems can be linked to a collection of body toxins.  Body toxins are neutralized acids.  But how does the body neutralize these acids?  It uses oxygen and minerals such as magnesium, potassium, calcium, etc.  So, in other words it robs the body of life-important oxygen and minerals.

To counteract this problem we can do three things:  Manage stress, exercise and give the body what it needs to neutralize toxins.  This is best done by ways of a natural body detox as we first need to get rid of an overaccumulation of toxins so the body can work optimally again.  Once that is done we then offer it help on a continous basis to prevent future overacidity.

pure aloe vera juice to support a natural body detox

Pure aloe vera juice is considered a beneficial companion during a body cleanse as it naturally removes build-up from within the body further providing it with alkalines (minerals), vitamins, amino acids, enzymes, etc.  Minerals are needed during a body cleanse even moreso as they help the neutralization process.  But even after a body cleanse minerals are a necessity.  Every cell depends on them.  Unfortunately, the food nowadays is deprived of important nutrients, so supplementation is a must.

Today, if you truly want to be healthy and have an optimal-working body, you should start with a natural body detox.  This consists of slowly preparing the body all the way up to the elimination of toxins.  The less toxins you have collected the faster you will be rid of them.    Drinking  pure aloe vera juice during your body cleanse will help you speed up the process as aloe vera juice is a natural cleanser.  While it assists your body in removing old build-up, it also nurishes it as it is loaded with wholesome nutrition.  

the need for natural superfoods

During a body detox certain natural ingredients are a must to guarantee its success. It is best to slowly accommodate your body to all this wonderful nutrition instead of doing it very quick and fast.  Once you have accustomed your body to healthier and more alkalizing nutrition you can then implement the ingredients that will remove all debris from within your colon.

how to start the natural body detox

This link will guide you through a gentle and natural body detox.  I have tried different body cleanses.  I prefer this method because it is so natural, so simple and so extremely effective.  Give it a try.  You have nothing to lose but so much to gain.  You will be amazed how much different you feel.

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