Natural Cures for Cancer

There are many websites that refer to natural cures for cancer.  Sometimes you can even find personal success stories.  If you type Aloe Vera and Cancer on the search section of google, you will find a great deal of promising information on this subject.  Unfortately, as always, you will also find information about pure Aloe Vera Gel being nothing but a skin-healing aid, definitely not promoting internal health. But people who have healed with pure and unaltered aloe vera juice and / or gel know about its capacity which goes far and beyond what the medical association allows us to believe in.

If a natural product such as pure aloe vera gel showed such promising result in the quest to find natural cures for cancer, it wouldn’t be a coincidence that the FDA suddenly shuts down a clinic who has successfully treated cancer patients with pure aloe vera gel, would it ?

Dr. Ivan Danhoff, MD from Texas was hoping to receive data from an aloe vera and cancer research study.  Unfortunately Dr. Ivan Danhoff was never able to submit the final results as the FDA shut down the clinic. 

Luckily, there are still other medical doctors who have researched the benefits of pure aloe vera gel and how it is so effective in harmonizing the human body.  Dr. Larence Plaskett, another doctor who has done aloe vera and cancer research states that the substances found in pure aloe vera gel activate and intensify the immune response.  Although aloe vera isn’t considered an official cure for cancer, several research studies conducted have demonstrated very impressive effects.  Aloe Vera Gel promotes the growth of healthy cells, increasing the immune responsive dramatically and reducing the strength of viruses.

Aloe Vera Juice and its connection to
natural cures for cancer

The immune system has to respond to the development of unhealthy cells on a regular basis.  These unhealthy cells or cancer cells can develop through foreign invadors.   But in a healthy person, these cells don’t have a chance to survive as the immune system’s army destroys them.  It isn’t only foreign invadors that can cause cancer,  too much toxicity in the body can prevent the immune system from functioning properly and protecting the body from disease.  Toxicity can be caused through environmental toxins, unhealthy food choices and even stress.

Pure Aloe Vera Juice contains numerous compounds that increase immune system functions dramatically by increasing the workload of white blood cells and killer cells.  Aloe Vera Gel also contains lectins and emodines which are anti-tumor compounds.  In addition, pure aloe vera gel has a very cleansing effect on the digestive system.  With less toxins in our body, nutrients can be absorped more efficiently.  Less toxins also means that our immune system is stronger.

In 1992 the U.S.D.A. had approved aloe vera as an effective treatment against cancer in animals.  And eventhough there is enough scientific evidence, the FDA will not test the efficacy of Aloe Vera Gel on humans.  There are numerous benefits of aloe vera gel.  There is probably no other plant on our planet that rejuvinates the internal body as aloe vera can.  But if millions of people are cured with this ancient plant and some basic knowledge how to balance our ph, the pharmaceutical industry would lose billions of dollars yearly.

There is no official cure for cancer.  Nevertheless, there are plenty of cancer survivors who had opted to research natural cures for cancer who then committed to such a natural therapy.  Further Aloe Vera and cancer research can be found here.

The benefits of pure aloe vera gel go far and beyond just wound healing.  If you are looking to compliment your therapy with pure aloe vera gel, only choose the highest quality.  That means a pure product that contains at least 90% pure aloe vera gel and a harvesting method that would preserve all important compounds without adding chemical preservatives.  Without these two important factors, aloe vera won’t be as effective.

A home-made health drink

cleansing, rejuvenating and healing

According to Father Romano Zago, a Brazilian Monk, this invigorating health drink recipe, introduced to him by Brazilian Locals, has cured many people of cancer.  Read more about it and learn the recipe and why it works.

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