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nutritional supplements to enhance your health & wellness

Nutritional supplements are no longer a trend.  To stay healthy, enjoy overall wellness, physically as well as emotionally it is no longer a question whether we should supplement our diet with nutrition in a bottle but a question which supplements would give us personally the greatest benefit and balance our health. 

Doctors across the country stress the fact how necessary a balanced diet is, containing at least five servings of fruits and vegetables.  But unfortunately even if we eat our five servings we might not get half of the nutrients that our grandparents did.  Due to the depletion of our soil we would actually have to eat buckets of fruit and vegetables to get to our daily recommended dosage. Not an easy task.

Aloe Vera Juice forms the basis of our health by promoting continuous removal of build-up creating an environment allowing nutrition to be better absorbed.  The juice found within the leaf of the aloe vera plant is very nutritious.  But as we are all unique individuals and have special needs, certain nutritional supplements are necessary to address those needs even better.

Below I have added supplements if taken with aloe vera juice will make a significant change in your wellbeing.

If you are looking for nutritional supplements and nutritional advice to fill your gaps, visit the vitality optimizing page.  It contains a list of health supplements and an explanation why we need them.

Forever Calcium: Medical reports indicate that the ability to absorb calcium from our diet declines by 60% from childhood to adulthood. Forever Calcium provides the clinically profen quantities of Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc, Manganese, Copper, and vitamin C & D to help maintain proper bone structure and function. Forever Calcium ensures maximum absorption and bioavailability. more info

Forever Arctic Sea: This unique omega 3 blend provides 33% more DHA per day, creating the perfect balance of DHA and EPA. DHA is naturally found within the body but most abundant in the brain, eyes and heart.  DHA ensures that the cells in the brain, retina and heart and other parts of the nervous system develop and function properly through all stages of life. more info

Forever ImmuBlend: It contains Fructooligo-saccharides to promote healthy levels of pro-biotic bacteria in the digestive system, lactoferin to support immune cell production, Maitake and Shiitake Mushrooms to support immune cell production and cardiovascular function, vitamin D to strengthen immune cells,  vitamin C to fight free radicals. more info

Fields of Green contain a great deal of antioxidants which we just can't get enough from a regular diet anymore.  Antioxidant are necessary to fight free radicals because they can cause oxidative stress on the body.  Free radicals can even cause arteriosclerosis.  Give your body the necessary protection with aloe vera juice and fields of green. Learn more about the potent and health-enhancing  ingredients of Fields of Green 

Chin-Chia contains golden chia from the west and gingseng from the east.  Gingseng is high in antioxidants, promotes energy, endurance and sexual health.  It is an adaptogen meaning that it adapts to the body's needs.  Golden Chia is high in omega 3, balances blood sugar levels, fights free radicals, and increases energy. more info

Lycium Plus: A fruit used in Ancient China for centuries, lycium has been shown to improve the complexion of the skin and help maintain energy and good vision. In China lycium is known as a yintonic. The bioflavonoids contained in lycium plus are amongst the strongest. Research has proven that lycium has an extremely high concentration of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, polysaccharides, sterols, micronutrients, phyto-chemicals and antioxidants. more info

Ginkgo has been shown to increase blood circulation to the brain making it a favourable brain tonic. Ginkgo biloba research has shown some positive effects on the overall health of the brain, increasing concentration, creativity and even improving some of the memory of old-age dementia and Alzheimer patients. more info

Vitamin B-12 and folic acid combined in this time-release formula help support metabolic processes, including cell division, DNA synthesis, red blood cell production and proper nerve function, while helping maintain proper homocysteine levels.  Perform the first act of love for your baby because a vitamin b-12 deficiency also means a folic acid deficiency, and folic acid is critical. more info

Echinacea Supreme: Forever Living Products is introducing us to the most highly prized form of echinacea, the Purpurea and Augustifolia. Hyaluronic acid plays a signifant role in the health of our joint and our skin. Unfortunately, there is an enzyme which attacks HA. The HA quickly loses its jelly-like viscosity and its effectiveness.  Echinacea has been shown to prevent the enzyme from dissolving HA.  This has a positive effect on the immune system and on the health of joints. more info

Multi Maca: Women in Southamerica have used Maca for thousands of years.  Its other name is Peruvian Ginseng.  Modern research suggests that Maca can promote libido, sexual potency and energy, men and women.  Maca is an adaptogen regulating hormones according to our needs.  If the body doesn't produce enough hormones, maca will stimulate its production.  But if the body produces too much Maca will slowdown the production. more info

Active Hyaluronic Acid: If you take forever active HA along with aloe vera juice you have two wonderful nutritional supplements to help decrease the symptoms of arthritis.  Active HA is a low molecular weight hyaluronic acid providing lubrication for the joints and skin.   You take one capsule before lunch and one before dinner along with the regular intake of pure aloe vera juice. more info

Forever Active Probiotic are small, easy-to-swallow nutritional supplements that help overcome inbalances created by our food and lifestyle choices. Forever Active Probiotic uses an exclusive, patented encapsulation technology that protects the probiotics, then releases a unique comb-ination of six beneficial strains of microbes only after they reach the desired destination. more info

Argi: It is one of the most effective nutritional supplements improving heart functions almost immediately promoting healthy heart pressure and improving overall cardiovascular health.  Has also been very effective to counteract the effects of erectile dysfunction. Great for athletes as it promotes healthy muscle growth including fat and glucose metabolism. more info

Bee Pollen is one of those nutritional supplements that can do so much for the human health.  It is a superfood.  It contains all essential nutrition including some vitamin D, organic sulfur and a lot of protein. It increases endurance, is therefore great for athletes.  It has anti-cancer compounds.  It even lowers the severity of seasonal allergies. more info

Royal Jelly gives us strength, endurance and vitality.  Gives althletes positive energy and endurance.  It balances our nervous system, helping with stress, reducing high cortisol levels in the blood.  It protects our cells from premature aging.  It promotes good mood and helps in balancing female hormones. more info

For additional nutritional supplements, please visit the Rejuvenation Page.

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