ORganic sulfur

the importance of organic sulfur in our diets

Organic sulfur is an important mineral that we really don't hear much about, and unfortunately sulfur deficiency, eventhough experts claim that we get enough through the food we eat, is a real problem.  A sulfur deficiency can lead to problems with the joints, the liver, decreased circulation, chronic fatigue, fear, dull-looking hair,  cataracts, brittle nails, loose connective tissue and much more.

The human body needs MSM, an organic compound providing us with valuable natural sulfur.  The human body is made up of  0.2 percent of this natural sulfur.  This fraction of a percent does not seem to be worth mentioning. Considering the distribution of the elements in the human body, the importance of sulfur becomes more evident as our body is made up of fives times more sulfur than magnesium and four times more sulfur than iron.  

We are always told of the importance to have enough magnesium and iron in our diet, but nobody tells us to take sufficient amounts of organic sulfur.  This is so because it is believed that we get all the sulfur through our diets.

Msm for a strong immune system and perfect body protein

Sulfur is an essential component of enzymes, hormones, insulin, glutathione and many vital amino acids These amino acids are powerful antioxidants.  If they can not be produced due to a sulfur deficiency the body's defense mechanism starts to suffer. Glutathione is a great fighter against free radicals.  It is even regarded as one of the most powerful antioxidants ever. Glutathione is made up of three amino acids.  If you are lacking sulfur, you will also lack glutathione, and your immune system starts to suffer. 

Our body's own proteins are build from sulfur-contained amino acids and other amino acids. The so-called sulfur bridges (bonds between two sulfur particles) define the spatial structure of all enzymes and proteins. Without these sulfur bridges enzymes and proteins can still be produced, but they now have a completely different spatial structure and are therefore biologically inactive. That means they can no longer fulfill their original functions.  If the organism is supplied with sulfur, however, it can build active enzymes and proteins.

If we are missing MSM sulfur in our diet, we also lack another amino acid (methionine). Lacking methionine means that selenium won't be transported to its destination.  The body's defense mechanism won't work properly and make us prone to infections, inflammation and wear and tear on the body which otherwise wouldn't occur with a healthy immune system.   Now you see how the lack of just one single substance can cause such malfunction in the body.

Organic sulfur for allergies

People with pollen allergies (hay fever), food allergies and allergies to house dust or animal hair often report a serious improvement once they have supplied their body with adequate amounts of sulfur.

organic sulfur for the digestive system

MSM generally improves bowel functions and also ensures a healthy intestinal environment, an environment where fungi such as Candida albicans don't have a chance to grow and parasites can't settle.  Furthermore, it regulates the acid production in the stomach, which may lead to a better utilization of nutrients and resolve many digestive problems such as heartburn, bloating or flatulence.

organic sulfur for your joints

Sulfur is also present in the synovial fluid and in the inner layer of our joint capsules.  Both areas of the joint will be automatically renewed by the body again and again due to continuous stress on the joints. Not getting enough sulfur, however, means that the body is unable to perform the necessary joint repairs. Painful degeneration and stiff joints can be the result. According to a study published in 1995, the sulfur concentration in a healthy knee compared to a damaged one due to osteoarthritis, for instance, is three times as high.

People who suffer from knee arthritis, for instance, will notice an increase in their mobility and a decrease in pain and inflammation after continuous intake of MSM.

MSM for skin and hair

MSM increases skin health, healthy hair and strong nails.  The human skin consists of a thin, outer layer (epidermis) and a thicker inner layer (dermis). Under the dermis there is an insulating layer of fat. These skin structures are held together by collagen. Another protein (elastin) gives the skin its elasticity. Our hair and nails are primarily made of a resistant protein known as keratin. To produce all these proteins, whether collagen, elastin or keratin - the body needs sulfur. If there is not enough sulfur available, the skin loses its elasticity.  It becomes wrinkled and ages rapidly. The nails become brittle and the hair dry.

If  sulfur is taken internally as well as applied externally in the form of MSM gel, the skin can regenerate and is restored to its original state, almost wrinkle free. Fingernails grow strong and smooth again and the hair is healthy and shiny.

increase brain functions

For the brain to process all the information quickly, completely and correctly,neurotransmitters are necessary.  These are chemical messengers that ensure smooth communication between cells.  For the production of many neurotransmitters MSM is necessary.

If enough MSM is present, the body has a sufficient amount of neurotransmitter available. The positive effects of enough sulfur in your diet therefore also affects brain funtion with mental balance, excellent concentration and a sense of alertness and clarity. Also, anxiety or depression can be reduced with regular intake of an MSM. 

help with cancer, diabetes and heart disease

The Cellular Matrix Study researched the influence of sulfur on cell regeneration. Director of the study was Patrick McGean. His son was diagnosed with testicular cancer, then took an organic sulfur and recovered.  Sulfur increases blood and tissue oxygenation and therefore inhibits the growth of cancer cells because cancer clearly feels uncomfortable in an oxygen-rich environment. 

Diabetics had lowered the frequency of insulin injections.  Some diabetics were able to even stop their injections as MSM increased their ability to produce insulin.

People suffering of hypertension were able to get off their medication.  Osteoporosis sufferer suddenly gained stronger bones.

It can even help the neurological system by repairing oxidative damage and repairing cell membrane elasticity. Sulfur can even improve the function of your lungs as it allows your body to take up oxygen more effectively. Sulfur is also needed for proper insulin function and for detoxification. It has even shown to play a contributing factor in alleviating symptoms of allergies. It even improves cellular uptake of many other nutrients.

sulfur in your diet

Most people will tell you that the best way to supply your body with sulfur is through diet such as fish or meat.  Other dietary sources that contain sulfur but at smaller amounts are certain fruits and vegetables. Unfortunately, what some experts aren't even aware of is the fact that cooking and grilling your meat or fish will kill all the sulfur.  And unless you eat the fruits and vegetables right after harvest most of the sulfur is gone.  Keeping food in the refrigerator over longer periods will also kill the sulfur.

Aloe Vera Juice has one of the highest amounts of organic sulfur available, if the aloe vera is of organic nature.  The production and preservation of the nutrients is of high importance.  That would also explain why aloe vera juice is so effective in improving so many health conditions, not only because of the sulfur but because of remarkable list of healing ingredients all measured up by nature.

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