How to treat burns most effectively

how to treat burns naturally and yet effectively

How to treat burns most effectively limiting scarring and speeding up recovery time dramatically can be done by applying pure aloe vera gel onto the affected area on a regular basis, preferably several times per day.  

Our mothers and fathers always told us to put our burns under cool water.  While it gives us instant relief it doesn’t really fasten the actual healing and definitely doesn't reduce scarring. As a matter of fact if you ask survivors of ancient civilazations such as the Native Americans about natural treatments for burns they will probably introduce you to a mature aloe vera plant, cut off one leaf and ask you to apply the sap ontop of your burn.  

aloe vera and sunburns

Most of us know aloe vera gel best for its ability to soothe the symptoms of sunburn.  It has such a cooling effect on sunburnt skin that it simply just feels good.  But aloe vera gel does a lot more than just feeling good on hot skin.

Aloe Vera Gel contains over 200 natural compounds which speed up the healing of a sunburn.  One reason why aloe vera promotes fast healing is the fact that it increases cell renewal.  And since it has a cooling effect on the skin it calms down the burnt and hot skin. But Aloe Vera Gel isn't just a remarkable natural remedy for sunburns.  Even other types of burns can benefit from pure aloe vera gel.

If you are suffering from a sunburn, take some pure aloe vera gel, either out of the leaf of an aloe vera plant or out of a tube (pure and high-quality-aloe-vera-gel only) and rub it onto your skin.  Apply it as often as you wish but especially after the shower.

aloe vera and other burns

Any type of burn can be treated with pure aloe vera gel.  Squeezing the gel out of a leaf and applying it gently on top of the skin can reduce the severity by at least one degree.  Pure aloe vera gel contains over 200 active healing compounds including very important polysaccharides.  These polysaccharides could possibly be the main reason why aloe vera gel speeds up the healing process and reduces scarring far better than any other natural plant or medicine out there.  Aloe Vera Gel is also an anti-septic protecting the wound from infection.  When applying pure aloe vera gel ontop of your burn, the gel seals off the injury site keeping foreign invadors out of the wound.

a study conducted with burn victims

How to treat burns most effectively can show us by ways of the test results of a study.  During a study pure aloe vera gel was measured against vaseline gauze.  

For this study, 27 burn victims with partial thickness burn wounds participated.  They were treated with pure aloe vera gel and the outcome was compared to burn victims treated with vaseline gauze.  This revealed that the wounds treated with aloe vera gel had healed up in approximately 11 days while the wounds treated with vaseline gauze took 18 days.  This study was conducted in 1995 in Bangkok, Thailand.

did you know that...

If you cut off the leaf of an aloe vera plant you will notice how quickly the plant seals itself.  So when we apply pure aloe vera gel ontop of our burns or scrapes and cuts, it is as if we were to put a see-through band-aid on top of it.  While the gel penetrates through all layers of the skin and performs its healing miracles on the deepest level, it also puts an invisible film ontop of our skin. It seals the wound pulling it together and keeping bacteria and parasites away.

Knowing the capability of healing and nurture the skin, pure aloe vera gel or an aloe ver plant should for that reason be part of every household.

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