Treating Eczema Naturally

Treating eczema with pure aloe vera juice and gel

Treating eczema naturally doesn't seem impossible.  You do need patience and the right ingredients.  At last it did not develop over night so it won't dissappear overnight either.

A lot of physicians do treat it topically with a medicated cream.  But eczema doesn't always have to be a pure conditon of the skin itself. It can also be a reaction from the inside of the body.

Eczema, also referred to as dermatitis, is an inflammation of the skin most often associated with redness, thickening of the affected skin, lumps or blisters and sometimes even infection.    The most common type of eczema is atopic dermatitis.

What can cause an eczema?

There is a long list of possible atopic dermatitis triggers.  They range from dust and allergy all the way to stress.  Doctors believe its cause can be many linked to an abnormal function of the immune system.  There has even been one research study linking eczema to an overgrowth of candia.  People who have tried to reduce their candida in the digestive tract have significantly improved their symptoms.  Often a diet high in acidic foods especially sugars and flours can easily cause an overgrowth of candida without giving us specific symptoms.  Too many unhealthy food choices also cause an overload of toxins.  Too many toxins can also lower the immune system’s function.  To learn more about body toxins, go here.

Aloe Vera and Eczema

Aloe Vera has been credited with a long list of incredible healing benefits.  It wouldn’t therefore be a surprise that the healing properties of pure aloe vera gel also have a positive effect on combating the symptoms of eczema, but not just a soothing, relieving and protecting ointment but also as an internal cleanser, building up the immune system so it can work more optimally preventing the outbreak of eczema.

Treating eczema with aloe vera juice and aloe vera gel is simple but its effectiveness depends greatly upon your committment and the quality of the product.  Purchasing a product from a seller who can guarantee a high-quality product is extremely important for your healing success.  For that reason the manufacturing process plays an important part as many of the nutrients could get lost during harvesting.  So always purchase your aloe vera juice and gel from a reputable grower. 

How to treat eczema naturally with pure aloe vera juice & gel

Since naturopathic practitioners and even some medical doctors insist that eczema has its origin within the digestive system, the first best thing you can do is to optimize your digestive system.  Even if you are regular and eat healthy you could still collect a lot of toxins which inhibit optimal functioning of the digestive system and therefore also blocking nutrition and limiting immune system functioning.  A body detox would be your truly best start.  But you should also find some relief by slowly adjusting your diet and by drinking daily amounts of pure aloe vera juice (at least the recommended dosage).  Adjusting your diet will limit your toxin accumulation.  For that purpose I recomend following a more ph-balanced diet.  Treating eczema naturally with pure aloe vera juice won’t only reduce the symptoms more and more with time, the healing properties of aloe vera juice will come with a long list of benefits which you can read here, from colon health all the way to incredible immunity strength as seen in HIV patients.

Since eczema outbreaks can even get worse due to certain outside influences such as cold or hot weather, dry skin, certain materials or chemicals, it is best to treat and protect the skin with additional pure aloe vera gel.  Applying the gel on the area will moisturize it, protect it from foreign invadors such as viruses, bacteria, fungi, etc.  The healing properties will further help in reducing the severity and size of the eczema.  But you have to be patient and re-apply the gel at least 3-5 times per day.  Remember, it is a natural healing gel straight from the plant and not a chemical drug or medicine.  But by choosing a natural remedy you will limit further toxin accumulation from drugs and medicine which you would otherwise use to find relief.

Personal experience treating eczema naturally
with pure aloe vera gel & juice

A friend of mine had a pretty large outbreak of eczema around his ankle.  Many years ago he had injured his ankle pretty badly.  I immediately gave him pure aloe vera gel to apply to the area 3-5 times per day. The rash had improved.  One week later the rash was down by 50%.  I then offered pure aloe vera juice to him.  Since eczemas do affect our skin from the inside, he started drinking 6 ounces a day and followed a a ph-balanced diet.  Within five days of using pure aloe vera juice in combination with the gel and a healthier diet, the rash was gone completely. 

Below are the products that he had used.

In the meantime he has stopped the aloe vera juice and gel and returned to his old eating habits of lots of acidic food (salami and bread and lots of sweets).  Since he has a weak spot around the ankle his eczema always makes itself visible through there.

He started reapplying aloe vera gel and drinking aloe vera juice bringing down his eczema again significantly.  He hasn't committed to a ph-balanced diet.  He can do a lot by adjusting his diet.  As a matter of fact learning to balance our alkaline levels with the right diet and aloe vera juice can help with an array of conditions.

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