Ulcerative Colitis Treatment

Conventional ulcerative colitis treatment most often consist of steroidal anti-inflammatory medications, sometimes even antibiotics.  If the conditions is very severe, surgical removal of part of the colon, usually the affected area, seems to become the only alternative.

Ulcerative colitis is a digestive disorder of the lower digestive system.  It is considered an inflammatory bowel disease affecting the membrane of the large intestine and rectum.  This digestive disorder usually results is pain and often is accompanied by bloody diarrhea.  Sometimes, ulcerative colitis is hardly felt.  Hower, most people that are diagnosed with it need to undergo ulcerative colitis treatment ordered by their physician as it could cause further problems, some of them life-threatening, if left untreated.

The true causes of ulcerative colitis are still unknown but excessive stress over a longer period of time accompanied by the wrong dietary choices can have an impact on the development of this digestive disorder.

Aloe Vera Juice
an alternative ulcerative colitis treatment

Aloe Vera Juice benefits date back to the old Egyptians.  They did not have medical equipment to diagnose a digestive disorder but did treat internal problems with pure aloe vera juice.  While they treated skin conditions with the sap of the innerleaf, they drank it to clear up illnesses of the digestive tract.

A medical research testing the strength of aloe vera juice and how it could affect ulcerative colitis treatment showed some promising results.  In 2004, 44 people participated in this study.  While half of the partidicpants were given up to 3.5 ounces of pure aloe vera juice twice daily, the other half ingested a placebo.  The study lasted for four weeks.  47% of the people taking pure aloe vera juice had reported a significant improvement of symptoms while only 14% of those taking placebo had reported improvements.   This study determined that the effectiveness of aloe vera could definitely not be ignored and should be tested further.

People who have suffered from severe digestive conditions insisted that aloe vera juice was a life-saver for them. 


Aloe vera juice benefits

and its effect on this particular digestive disorder

Aloe Vera Juice has very effective anti-inflammatory compounds.  It is not a drug though so it can not cause miracles overnight.  It gradually reduces inflammation.  Aloe Vera Juice also promotes healthy cell division and renewal, speeding up the healing process of sick tissue.  It is one of the most powerful healing plants to increase the immune response in the human body.  A healthy immune system also means healthy cell to fight infections.   The colon and rectum receive fast-healing compounds to fix and rebuild and reduce inflammed tissues.  Aloe Vera is also a natural cleanser, slowly removing build-up from within the walls of the colon and rectum.  This allows nutrients to be absorbed more efficiently.  More nutrients means more healing power.

Since aloe vera juice can be considered an effective ingredient in a ulcerative colitis treatment, other aspects of healing have to be considered. Reducing stress plays an important aspect of healing ulcerative colitis.  Stress and Sugar and the top body toxin producers.  It doesn't take a lot of stress to collect those toxins.  And unfortunately, our kidneys can't wash out all those toxins at once.  Some of them stay within the body and start to create build-up.  Instead of correcting the damage it is a lot smarter to prevent it. If you know you have a lot of stress consider stress  management techniques such as deep breathing exercises, yoga, massage therapy.  In addition, consider a ph-friendly diet to reduce the inflammation within your digestive tract.  Avoid food that feed the inflammation such as sugars, white flour, bread, pasta, rice, meat.  Consider fruits, vegetables, nuts and small amounts of fish.

Considering a healthy ph-friendly diet supplemented with aloe vera juice and an additional nutritional supplement will benefit your digestive tract tremendously.  Sometimes people claim that aloe vera juice will cause diarrhea.  Particles from the leaf can cause diarrhea that is why it is important to find a manufacturer that can offer you a pure product.  Aloe Vera Juice is safe to take. When shopping for a product consider only aloe vera juice that has been passed by the International Aloe Council.

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